Rise Children, Rise

Our group met this past Saturday. It’s a “Connecting to Source / Soul Reboot” gathering that I have been guided and inspired to facilitate. I feel fortunate that we were able to meet one last time before these opportunities to meet face-to-face are fading. Yesterday (Sunday), I prayed and connected the way I do every Sunday. The thing is, I don’t consider myself Christian, or any religion or previously defined way of framing the basic Truth. For me, this fundamental Truth is what I know and deeply resonate with our Rassouli.AnahitaTrue God is Love. I needed to preface this sharing because a different kind of voice came through yesterday. It spoke softly, yet was so very powerful. Please do not disregard the message if Christ is not your “guy.” This Love was immense. Understand that it is my translation through my own life and childhood filters. If I were Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc., maybe the words would have been different. In the end, Source is Source. The point is, feel the essence of what is being offered. It begins with a piece of my own personal prayer and outpouring. The response felt like a poetic song.

Eileen: I ask now, Father-Mother God for your guidance, for me, and/or for those who would be receptive to this now message… I just want to share what I learned about what we are connected to before I’m not here anymore. Does this life have value? Does this soul that I am have relevance at all in this reality? I want to have made a difference. And that’s it. I want my life, my being, to have made a difference here. I’m part of a team… and together, perhaps, we’re making strides. I celebrate this life. I celebrate this journey. I have learned so much. I am feeling the love come in… (tears). Just this… this is more than enough. Just to be able to feel this. I suppose what I want to say is thank you for the love that I felt yesterday in the group… Thank you for your radiance, this eternal blessing. People are so frightened. I am here. Feeling the energy come in. It just melts me. This really is the meeting point within, where we find the mark – individually and collectively… I feel so much love right now. How can I be of service? Show me how I can continue to be of service here. What is the greatest way that I can serve?

(I am now hearing and seeing, responding to what I’m being shown within.)

Eileen: I see… Acceptance. Acceptance of [the Truth] of who I am.

Source Love: Who defines you?

Eileen: Love defines me. That is my response. I am not defined by the world…

It switches to Source Love speaking to humanity:

I awaken here, within you. Will you let me awaken within you? Will you allow me to touch you?

You may behave like a wounded animal, blinded by your pain. But at a certain point, you must trust, completely. Fall into my arms so that I may raise you into your true state of Grace.

My Love is infinite, omnipresent, and that includes you. Peace be still. Life is eternal.

It is time to become that which you are. Rise into this being… fearlessly. Many of you are being purified as we speak, to open the vessel, restore the Soul, and rise into the Light while maintaining your body’s form. This is what you came to do. This is who you are, a child of Light.

Rise children rise.

It is time to radiate that which is Truth, that which is Love.

Which is the true world and which is the false world? This is what you must decide. How will you know if you do not own that which is Divine?

Rise children rise.

It is I who is born through you. I am the Light. I am the Way. For those who know thy Grace within,

Shine now. Shine children shine.

Do not look to the past. Do not look to the future for they do not exist. There is only this moment with this voice. This voice is within all of my children. Will you hear it? Will you speak it? Will you be it now?

This Light is pouring through. What world do you perceive now? What world do you belong to? The one that dies? Or the one that lives and thrives? Use your compass within. discover it, dust it off, and allow it to point the way.

Let the eyes that see and the ears that hear light up within and share this direction, reveal this direction Home to your Source, to the Light, to your Power. Watch and listen. It is being revealed all around you and within. The prayer would be,

Father-Mother God, open my eyes so that they might see – once again, and forever.
Father-Mother God, open my ears so that I can hear – once again, and forever.
Lift me into my true state of being so that I might be of service now – Love in action.

Let the old, crusty voices die away, the ones who have been driving this bus, who have taken advantage of those who have no alignment with materialism. My children are oriented to Love and they shall no longer be condemned for this.

They shall rise. They shall rise.

Who will die and who will live? This is not my choice, but yours. You may find the Truth within or you may continue to lie and name it Truth.

My intention is to receive those who choose this Love and employ this Love and this Grace into the world.

Find this core Light within and you will always know. You will always be guided. You will always feel this Love – even when you doubt and fall back into fear. It is but a moment to correct the perception, to course-correct into the core Light. You will have an opportunity, those who carry and express the light, to bring others along who are able to see the truth of this.

For those who resist Love, they shall create their own experience that leads them to the One Light, the One Love, in their own ways, in their own timing.

For those that say they do not know how to accept this Light, this Love, and for those who defend their defending, all one needs to do is ask.

All one needs to do is pray unceasingly for this Light to open within them, for the compass to activate, to humble oneself, to be a vessel of Christ.

Each of my children will choose, will decide. There is no condemnation for what has occurred. Life without this Light, Life without a connection to this Love? There is no judgment. And yet, in this moment, there is an invitation to bridge the gap. Will you accept my hand. Will you begin the weeping, the grieving, the releasing, of all the misunderstandings, of all the lies? Will you begin so that you may fully feel the Christ within? Will you expose the darkness? Will you expose the shame? Will you admit to your misunderstandings?

This is all that is needed, an invitation. Invite the Christ and you shall be healed.

This is the Truth that has always been and always will. Will you willingly accept it?

Choose now, the Grace that is being offered for you to remember, to reawaken into, for this is your natural state. Allow yourselves to be infused with this Love and there will always be a beacon within you, guiding you, showing you the way Home.

Trust and move forward. May you adapt to this Love in the most benevolent way for you.

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IMG_5325Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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  1. Thank you for this message. Thank you for the prayer from Source. Thank you for the gathering on March 14. I can feel the Love coming through in this message.

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