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The Brink of Orgasm – the leap from ego mind to Cosmic Self

goddessKoyopaI love the analogy of being on the brink of orgasm, the jumping-off point between the egoic mind and “the rest of yourSelf.” Many of us are here to experience this now. ~ Eileen

A message from 2014

“…It is simply a process of re-identifying with what is true for you as an individual. What is true as a universal being and as a human being? – it is the same. This is what is integrating. This is what is merging. Now the Universal Self cannot find you unless you are HERE presently. So let go of any idea of who you are supposed to be, and who you are supposed to be with, and how to survive in the world. Your resources, your sustenance on all levels comes from the reintegration of the Self with a capital ‘S’.

…Know that it is one consciousness blending now and you may feel your identity as a human on earth, while simultaneously experiencing yourself as light, love, peace, beauty… Self-aware energy, do you see? It is possible. You do not have to separate the self into compartments as you were conditioned in this earth-focused, 3D reality. It is possible to be All on earth. And as we have stated in the past, your bodies… your physicality is wired for this. You have amazing, physicality. It is utterly amazing what has been created as your physical form. Earth assisted with this. That is why we stress the connection with the Natural World, for it is through your bodies, through Mother Earth, that you begin to recall and ground the rest of yourself, the rest of yourSelves. And you begin to take the steps, not only upon Mother Earth but the steps in energy to practice being this profound multidimensional being walking on earth. This is what you had intended. This is your excitement.

Now it may be covered over quite a bit. This excitement was suppressed for it did not fit into the program with the beating of the drum of the 3D collective. And yes, there are off-planet beings who do manipulate the drum patterns. And they have many other ways of manipulating. But know that they simply cannot manipulate you when you remember and reintegrate who you are. This is not a fantasy. This is real. And you will, with every courageous new step in this direction, you will see what we speak of. You will actually experience it. Many, many, many beings now from other dimensions and other energetic experiences throughout the universe are peering in to observe this happening. And you will take this wisdom into your universal understanding and share it – whether that is in human form or another form, or simply in pure light. It is something that you have actually experienced and know about. And this is what a true teacher is, integrated, balanced, connected to Self.

So, this is an example as we speak through this human. It is a blending. It is not some faraway being telling you stories of the universe. It is the rest of yourSelf – not only for this being but for all of humanity residing in the 3D earth realm at this timing. This is the voice of the rest of yourSelf. And we are calling now. We are singing now, the song that will assist you in remembering the frequency of who you are and to take the steps to re-identify and strengthen and practice this with feet on earth. What a blessing. From our view, from this more expanded view that speaks now, we are in awe of the opportunities that lie at your feet on planet Earth. That is why we share in this way, for we are so excited about these possibilities, these potentialities, that we are here blending with the excitement of this human who is overwhelmed with joy and excitement about reaching out and remembering, recalling, reintegrating the larger view, and sharing it… And to practice strengthening the heart interface, for the [egoic] mind can only go so far in these connections.

It is all right to lose the mind and to adapt to heart communion with the rest of yourSelf. There are very simple practices and simple steps that we have shared and will continue to share – how to strengthen the body and the heart connection. And it does primarily have to do with forms of meditation. But again, there is a word that we hesitate to use and you know why. The connotations with the word meditation. Let us just say that a disciplined practice of the presence is required and since you are extraordinarily creative beings, you are in a position to design your own way that is comfortable for you to practice presence. The key being, that you notice the shift between intellect and heart and you allow it. It is a jumping-off point. We liken it to the brink of orgasm for you human beings, which is by the way, purposely placed as an experience for you, a sexual experience, so that you remember or recall the jumping-off point from the ego-mind to total surrender – the sacred, sacred frequencies that link you with the rest of your Self…”

Excerpt of Sound of Gold Files: Multidimensionality.072414

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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