Under the Watery Deep, a Gift


It was a gift, a uniquely-outlined practice of the Presence. This gift did not arrive on my doorstep or through the usual media, i.e., book, lecture, podcast, or video. It came from nonhuman intelligence. “IT” has a way of dropping data that seems to re-engage a natural, multidimensional flow of frequency-based dialog. All I can say is, the data comes packed and we have a mechanism within us that automatically unpacks it. I’m no scientist or theologian, but that’s okay. I’ve found that the majority of them don’t seem to know or have an interest in this stuff anyway. Most simply regurgitate their training and easily name this “woo” or Satan. In addition, people who unconsciously resonate in fear will agree and follow their own en-trainment to obey the “authoritative” lead on these matters and more. You don’t have to do that anymore. Some of us are discovering that humanity is wired for this kind of direct dialog, and this is where one finds out what Oneness actually is – not as a word, but as an experience. And not as a concept, but as embodied wisdom. This is our natural state.

After I’d experienced it a few times, and even more so following my Kundalini/Koyopa bioenergetic event, I decided that this way of knowing must be what some call, “communion.” The point is, it happens with Presence and a fall-to-your-knees level of love. And you might understand how “IT” had a way of getting my attention. After many years of being an experiencer of the more well-reported kinds of visitations and abductions, it seemed I was on an evolutionary path to consciously recognize my triggered reactions to higher-vibrational presence. It seems that knowing they (nonhuman intelligence) existed, was not the destination or end-game. Rather they were guides and helpers on this accelerated journey to disrupt embodied fear. This initiated a journey to heal or clear the deeper traumas and fears I had buried within. Why? So that I could generate a better opening or connection to “hear” and resonantly dialog with this Presence. It took decades to disentangle and overcome what had blocked the pathway to this Source, the Field of data, All That Is. And while this has been an incredibly difficult and mostly reclusive life, it was worth it.

So what was the gift? For years I’ve been practicing what I unpacked from it, and have experienced a restoration of what is fully alive beneath the weight of the world. Under the watery deep, lies the Divine Spark, our true Selves, and wholly new ways of knowing. This Presence informed me that if I practiced this way of Presence, I would eventually unearth the Truth, and remember. It’s all happened, and continues to happen, just as “IT” said it would. Except for the “share it with others” part. So far, this has pretty much been a paradoxical mission impossible… from my point of view.

Because this data isn’t language or thought-based, and it must be translated, those who have ascribed to the past and conditioned way of receiving and understanding information have a tendency to reject my translations as “woo.” My vocabulary is lacking, I’ll definitely admit to that, but for years I’ve been trying to reach people to inform them of this “happening” that is an indicator of the Fullness we are all connected to. I get why I must appear mad or hysterical. Calling me names would be the easy way out for avoiding the deeper truth of who you are, and the death and destruction of all that is unreal – your assumptions, or what you were told was life and what being human is. Sadly, because of the language barrier, I have failed to deliver thus far. It’s an intuitive, emotionally-based language. The collective is addicted to thought-based language and concepts. Plus, there’s that fear and trauma that clogs up the resonance-based “listening device” – the physical body.

This reductionist approach to knowing will put a full stop on the deeper somatic listening capacities we all have. It’s why we continue to loop and never seem to break free of these limiting beliefs that we feel powerless to transcend. The linear-only ways of receiving data are not representative of what is possible, and therefore not the strongest position or recommended way of knowing what you need to know – especially in these times.

If one is unable to listen or absorb the resonance data in the in-between spaces, i.e. instinctual, felt or embodied wisdom, chances are you will not know what is true and what is not in these increasingly chaotic times. In the past, I have shared excerpts from the frequency messages I’ve received along these lines, about how to prepare for these coming times and how our consciousness will transform if we allow. It seems the future has arrived.

I’m aware that many have trouble giving attention to anything beyond the distractions of consensus reality. But from a greater-cycle view, we have an opportunity to re-engage our present-moment knowing capacities. Of course, we can always re-commit to the perpetuation of authority “out there” – the ones who are only too happy to regurgitate the memos on what to think, feel, do, or fear in any given scenario. Ah, but if you have at least read this far, my enduring message to you is, you were designed to be far more than what you can think.

I was given this gift and practice to help me maintain Truth in a Truthless world and to share it with others who also wanted to expand into their original design of power, creativity, and multidimensional-knowing consciousness. This simple practice tends to break the existing spell or addiction to smallness so that we may create the openings to re-anchor our universal, sovereign soul. It’s only the very beginning; our intentional knock on the cosmic door with pure honesty, innocence, and present-moment emotional attention. It will lead you to a direct experience of fullness. It will lead you to your natural state.

From 2010. Sound of Gold Files, Truth Frequency. This excerpt was again outlining the simplicity of this practice and a little context about how we might be feeling in the coming times.

“When you look out from your plateau, there is a strong realization or an awareness of the nothingness, the nothingness of Creation. And it is frightening for most of you, for you have always relied on the blueprints of the past. You have relied on the models that have always existed. Is it a matter of leaping off the edge of the plateau and hoping for the best? There is some of this that is required, but it isn’t to be as terrifying and unknown as all that. There are ways. There are tools to provide you with a sense of safety and security in the nothingness. And that is to experience a direct knowing of your Creator and capacities.

So what do you want? Not in terms of the models from the past. Not in terms of all that has come before. If one does not have models and comparison, then what does one have to continue the movement into the nothingness… the unknown?

One has the awareness of what is, and what one is feeling in this exact moment. What are you feeling?

If you are in fear, the question we pose is, can you sit down and fully feel that? Allow yourself to feel. Acknowledge the feeling. State what you are feeling out loud, without judgment (which is thought-based). I am feeling _______. The more honest that you can be in your statements of what you are feeling, the more rapid will be your acceleration to the next feeling that is true, and the next feeling that is true, and the next. This is the thread that leads you to your Source – the ultimate Truth Frequency.” Sound of Gold Files: TruthFrequency.082210

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IMG_5325Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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8 thoughts on “Under the Watery Deep, a Gift

  1. Sunday 3/1/20 Rye, CO

    Eileen, I read your Koyopa Rising post this morning and I want to let you know how much I appreciate the important data or content you have weaved within your words.

    Being human at this time and in this location on Planet UR, has its’ definite challenges. Fear is projected at us from many directions and through various methods. This has caused much pain for most of us over our life loops.

    Now, that the future is here, we light warriors must take up our position at the front, and shine bright. We are not lost. No, we on all on the path that leads to the great unknown within.

    I trust in you! I will follow and stand next to you and do my very best to keep my fire lit and warm at all times so you may sit and renew your strength when necessary. We can get there. I AM here with you always.



    1. Your loving words are received like a cool, refreshing drink of water while pausing on the desert journey. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being here.

  2. Hi Eileen,
    An excellent read, I personally feel this is confirmation for experiencers.
    Thank you for sharing.There are many experiencers who have been asked to speak out and share their experiences.
    We are all being connected.

    1. Thank you Kevin, and a bow to you for all that you are doing to not only inform those who are unaware of this phenomenon, but to support and encourage other experiencers.

  3. Excellent, Eileen! There is a quote attributed to C. Columbus that ‘Those who are enlightened before the others are doomed to carry out that enlightenment in spite of the others.’ I don’t think Columbus was all that enlightened regarding his humanity but surely in his willingness to risk the little known or unknown. Also the original meaning of ‘doomed’ is ‘that which is put or set’, so it doesn’t necessarily carry the darkness of an adverse fate or destiny but it can be a serious and obviously ‘heavy’ way of being in the world. Or maybe it just makes the heaviness more obvious in relation to the en-light-en-ment (lightening of the MIND). Bless you for your perseverance and caring and strength which is now quickly and surely being justified and appreciated more and more. This personal and collective awareness and empowerment Is the most important thing we can be becoming about! Love, Robert and Renee

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