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Yesterday I was out in public. You know, errands. Have you noticed that people don’t seem to be “all here?” I had to do some grocery shopping at 3 different locations. In the first store, I observed a few folks who had a vacated look about them. They were going through the motions of life, duties, and the acquisition of necessities. No need for a big presence. We’ve all been there. In the 2nd and 3rd stores, I could no longer ignore it. It was nearly everyone. As I pushed my cart down the canned-goods aisle, I fantasized about stopping someone, looking them in the eye, and saying, “Tell me about the most exciting thing you’ve experienced in the past month. I want to hear it!” Then I imagined if they were “game,” and after the shock of someone actually speaking with them of course, we would’ve both bioenergeticshad to wait for them to plug in the search term, “exciting.” Finally, with stale grocery-store music in the background, we might awkwardly stare at a random canned-corn label as we waited for any relevant files to be downloaded from the cloud.

To those who may be trying to disembody ahead of your time, I respectfully request that you reconsider. Leaving your body is vacating and giving your power away. Anchoring more of your available consciousness and presence is where your power and inspiration are quickly accessed. Think flow, community, collaboration. You have value – whether you see it right now or not. If anything, reveal more of yourself and allow others to see your gifts. You might just need an important reminder of who you are.

This is an excerpt from a 2017 Sound of Gold Files message.

“There are many, many choices to numb the consciousness; to numb the body. And it is indeed a problem in these times. We will focus on your United States of America. For this is the focus of the recent experiment in democracy. There has been a significant decline from the original intentions, from the original context of where these inspirational ideas for governments were born. These anchors, while you may have thought they were inspiring, stable, and of the highest order, you are finding that there are many loopholes. There are many ways to bypass the original inspirations, and this is what is occurring. For this is the timing now where the anchor must be found within. And this is a concept that may be difficult to understand for those who are only using the linear approach to consciousness. There is no avenue for inspiration when one decides to walk on a narrow path of perception. 

So, these methodologies that we have shared… these tools for re-igniting your emotional nature is an effective way to restore this anchoring within, with your inner core, within your physicality. For in order to participate and thrive in this construct, this matrix, as it has been referred to… you had to cut off your emotional nature. You had to cut off the feminine aspect of yourselves. You devalued this and raised the value and the stakes for the thinking mind, the intellect, the linear. There is no judgment about either side of your brain. They are equal and they are meant to work together in this reality. Some of these approaches will change as you move into a more refined way of being – understanding light, understanding sound to greater degrees – not just with your thoughts and your thinking apparatus, but with your whole system, your natural system of living and perceiving and thriving. 

Now, one cannot understand or know these things without activating the feeling nature. You may theorize around it. You may develop religions around it. But now is the timing where one must embody it and practice it, and allow it to be actual. Be a witness to it. Allow it to be your proof source for a divine humanity. At this point in timing, in this crossroads of consciousness, in your awakening, as you say, there are more and more who are realizing what they are connected to. And still at the same time are afraid to speak of it for it is not easily translatable to the linear mind. So it is still dismissed as crazy, and it is misunderstood and judged. This is not an easy path for those who wish to communicate what is available to humanity now. 

The encouragement that we wish to offer to the translator and any of those who are feeling similarly, as we have given the translator early on in our connections, is to continue to speak the truth. Speak your own truth. Recall the vibration of that personal truth. Recall your signature vibration. Adapt to it first, before you begin to share the “good news,” so to speak. One must embody it. One must demonstrate it. This is how the new anchors work. There are many anchors on this planet now. Understand that you need to hear from each other. You need to mirror to each other in order to strengthen you. To enliven you. To help you to feel more comfortable being a translator or a demonstrator of what is possible for the divine human – the whole human being.”  Excerpt from Sound of Gold Files: Anchoring.102917

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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