Bringing us to the Center, to Balance, to the Portal

I was trying to single-handedly manage the Bursar’s office at a university, alone with extremes in consciousness that no one could know. It was late 2015. While my head was IMG_2838spilling over with money, math, meetings, and way too many spreadsheets, this Presence was filling me with a divine sweetness, and giving me a heads up of what was to come.

Recently, I came across a few audio transmissions that were recorded and abandoned from this time period. I recall that I did this when I decided it was just too weird. There was too much of a contrast between who I actually was and the image that I had to present to others – the smart, capable, single woman doing her best to survive in the world. I continued to connect with “the Voice” because, in Truth, it wasn’t ever a corporate job that fed me and kept me alive. Rather it was this loving connection with an angelic presence that defied explanation or category. But to share it? Even in “crazy” new age circles, there was little context for what I brought through. So in the case of this hidden file, I suppose it was not unlike having a one-night-stand with spiritual ecstasy: I received it, closed the file, and never thought of it again. That is, until the other morning when I awoke with the guidance to look for an unfinished song in “these files.” As always, the picture in my mind’s eye showed me exactly where it was on a hard drive. I easily found it, along with a few other abandoned children that were born from these covert trysts with the Unknown. At this point, the familiar warm bath of Love melted me and guided me to share this “song,” a piece of music that arrived, perhaps, a bit ahead of its time.

Vector sound waves at cosmic background

Dec 13, 2015

You are very easily hijacked when you are not rooted in the Earth and what is real. What is real? Look to nature. Look to your feelings, even if your feelings appear ugly. They are still the doorway to the heart network. Feelings, honesty, innocence: This is your doorway.

When you come to these multiple crossroads where there is disinformation in every direction, the only way is to transcend all of those projections and slip through that portal in the Center, which is your heart. 

These are not just pretty words. Feel beyond the words. When we speak of Love, and Heart and Grace, these are not just pretty, sparkly words designed to be a respite for your mind. These words are only used because if we came up with new words for what is actual it would be too foreign and the mind would dismiss it.

So things will become increasingly more uncomfortable for the mind. You are in a vice. You have been in a vice. It is not designed to torture you. It is simply the result of the pressure that is naturally generated from the heart network growing within and radiating out into this reality. It is putting pressure on those who are proudly and arrogantly hanging onto their identities and their stories from the old reality. And this includes those who have been, and will be, in the controlling and “managing roles.” This includes human beings – all the way into “other intelligences” whose intent and agendas are what they are. There is nothing to defeat “out there.” This is a meeting within. And the choices are made here.

You don’t have to understand, with your mind, any of this. In fact, you are encouraged to release attachment to stories and identities and neutralize your consciousness. At the same time, request out loud, “I am here now. I choose Love. I surrender to the direction of Original Prime Source. I surrender to Love and I trust.” For a time you may not sense any solid forms and functions to attach to.

There is going to be a time spell where it is a crossover. It’s important to know, understand, and feel the [greater] intelligence that you are. This is a time to be neutral. Just as in some of your meditation training, to not attach to the thoughts… it helps in laying the groundwork for this timing, for this intersection. This is an intersection of consciousness, of energy, of intentions, of cycles. Therefore, know thy Self clearly. Be willing to let go and withdraw from people and situations that no longer serve your Self. You are giving birth. You are in gestation. You are the caterpillar in the liquid state. Trust. The birth canal is not far off. In fact, some of you are crowning. And the more of you that give birth to your Universal Self on earth, the more you will assist your fellow human beings. It is all a choice. What do you prefer? What does your individual consciousness prefer? Don’t just say it, feel it at the same time. Bring it into your body. If you say “joy!” make sure your body matches that word.

Humanity has become indoctrinated into saying fearful things out loud and having the body match it, vibrationally. Begin at any time, at any point, speaking out loud – beautiful things, joyful things, creative things. And practice matching that vibration with your feelings and body. With this, you will grow and awaken in leaps and bounds and in an accelerated fashion. But you must also be willing to release the fear. Understand that many of your [egoic] minds will proudly respond with, “I am not afraid of anything.” Unless you feel, in your body, the difference, between saying it and resonating with it, you are feeding the old grid. Your bodies are designed to literally walk you through this portal. This resonance reaches into physicality. Resonance, energy, vibration is the focus now. Know thySelf. Feel it and re-identify with it while in form. Some minds will become puzzled at this point and question the validity of this message, or refer to it as simple or boring or “new age.” Beware. Beware. Recognize that the intellect can be harnessed and changed and hybridized. Notice the difference in frequency between thoughts and the language of the heart.

The language of the heart is feeling and knowing – instantaneous understanding without thought. If this sounds foreign to you, we would say, there could be a moment where you are standing at the doorway and [conditioned] thoughts will make the decision for you. These are thoughts that you think are yours. These are thoughts that can be controlled and manipulated. Be willing to let go and to not know through thought.

Until the new grid (new to you, simply, because it has been a while since you have identified with your natural state), be willing to go neutral. Notice, watch, observe the old way of being, the limited way of being, and continue to choose and re-choose Love and your natural state.

Also understand, that there is nothing that can hurt you, the Truth of who you are. So do you choose to remain attached to that which is only a fragment of who you are and continue to live that limited life and way of being on earth? Or do you choose to allow spherical consciousness to fill you in? Wholeness – this is your identity. This is your power. This is doable now. There are tools that have been given to assist you in bringing you to the Center, to balance, to the Portal. But know that it will not be attractive to the intellectual mind. We wish you a beautiful journey no matter what you choose. We respect your choice, and we are here to assist those who choose the rest of themSelves. It is Love. It is Wholeness. It is your natural state. Allow yourselves to begin to feel this and embody it. There is much Love that is present for you now. It is your beacon. Good day.  Sound of Gold Files: CenterPortal.121315

IMG_5325Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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5 thoughts on “Bringing us to the Center, to Balance, to the Portal

  1. I love this cosmic breath, the synchronicity of expression between your messages and mine. It’s such a sweet comfort to know of an echo, a resonance. It gives my busy mind a moment of relaxation.

  2. Fabulous, Darling. Are you singing much these days? I am working on getting my voice back in shape. I studied opera in my youth, sang one whole heck of a lot for years, lost my voice through a bout of meningitis which I survived, and have been working on it lately/again. I love your stuff.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! News from the northwest? Are we on for a together talk to friends?? We are definitely on for together time. Halleluiah…..

    * Love * JOY * Peace * Kienda *


    1. Yes! Keep me posted on your arrival time and we shall gather a group together to share! I will be singing for a fundraiser in early April. Details to come. Can’t wait to see you again. Keep singing! Lots of love to you.

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