Invisible Wisdom

Nonhuman intelligence has been doing its best to “shake humanity awake,” meeting us in an intersection of consciousness that Indigenous peoples foretold thousands of years ago. In a variety of ways, we are being informed that we don’t have to live within the given, smaller-spectrum reality anymore. I would know. And it’s my life’s work and passion to help you know.

HortonThere are many of us. We have had different lives, different direct experiences, and different platforms and audiences in which to share. When we feel alone with it, it’s not unlike the storyline in “Horton Hears a Who.” Isolated and apart, with a sense of living in another dimension yet alongside you, our voices have been muted and silenced by judgment. But together? This universal project might be loud enough for the collective consciousness to hear.

There is an entirely different way in which to understand reality and an entirely different way to communicate. It has nothing to do with word-languages, concepts, or even thinking. And yet your ability to know, decode, and broadcast it, is and always has been, within you. With both the unraveling of ancient hidden wisdom as well as frequency data arriving from nonhuman intelligence, it is loud and present for us to hear. However, if we are not present in our own consciousness, it shall remain invisible.

Paradoxically, this wisdom is as invisible as those who try to reach through the old construct to tell you about it. Suffice it to say, if one is only seeing and hearing in a smaller bandwidth of consciousness, one is missing a lot right now.

So how does one share invisible wisdom? Believe me, it takes a lifetime of listening to this intelligence – the energy data that lives everywhere, and in all things. And especially potent are the spaces in between all the things that we think we know.

I report on these personal transformations in consciousness as well as translate the messages that began pouring through. This was following the integration of my bioenergetic phase from circa 1998 to 2005 (Kundalini-Koyopa).

Forty years ago, I was informed by the Presence in dreams that I chose to not only document these interactions but to also articulate the best I could on how it has changed me. I did not have the understanding, nor the context back then to know what would unfold, and how it would be relevant to now. That is, until this latest series of downloads and “dot-connecting” interactions with this Presence. It is currently swirling within me and also all around. I am aware that I am within an all-important integration phase that regularly comes with mind-blowing synchronicities. I’m pretty sure this latter phenomenon occurs so that my mind has the indispensable “yes” markers or mirrors in the outer world. Otherwise, I might willingly check myself into the local insane asylum (contactee humor).

For many, this shift or restoration to a greater-spectrum perspective occurred in stages. It had to. Too much of the high-frequency patterns and data-coming-too-fast was fatal to some experiencers, which resulted in their transition back to pure energy. Below I offer only a few excerpts from the messages on this topic. Rarely did they just speak to me, Eileen. Quite often I was aware that they were speaking to what felt like an entire team of people like me. Though I hadn’t met them yet, I absolutely knew that they existed.

I thank you for making an attempt to perceive this invisible wisdom not only from me but from the “hiding ones” like me. For some of us, we’ve spent a lifetime digging out of oppression, trauma, and conditioning; embracing present-moment consciousness, relearning this language, and accessing this wholly new kind of data beyond time and space. We did so to contribute to the reconnection, restoration, and greater embodiment of the human soul.

Sound of Gold Files: 122913.Audio
“To those of you who have chosen to participate in this way at this time, embracing your universal consciousness while in form, with the bottoms of your feet touching Earth, you know who you are. Not all of you are feeling strong right now. In this timing that we are tuning into, in your own equation, we are perceiving that many of you, in the end, so to speak, will be heroes – powerful, powerful beings who will step up to the plate. Right now where you are is depression, addiction, prison, psychiatric institutions, and some of you are contemplating suicide. Understand that you have not been given [or fully assimilated] the view of what is possible in your life. You are depressed. You are heavy. You are diagnosed as mentally ill because you have to one degree or another accepted that this little fragment, this little sliver of consciousness is all there is. AND if you choose to expand outside of those boundaries, push those boundaries, there are some individuals in your life who will refer to you as crazy or mentally ill. It is all right. We speak to you and we wish to tell you that it is but a slight shift in the heart that will radically change your consciousness and your world. But do not concern yourself with the world, for that will take care of itself. Concern yourself with opening this doorway.”

Sound of Gold Files: Attunement.080307
“Some were not fully prepared for what Love really feels like. And there was somewhat of a short circuit. Now they understood ahead of the lifetime that this was a possibility, as with you (Eileen), there was this possibility as well. And what that looks like from the [fragmented] human view is mental imbalance, and what you call mental illness. Many, many, many of the humans that are institutionalized at this time had pre-life intentions to experience the God-Frequency…”

Sound of Gold Files: RealCommunity.110214
“We do understand that many of you would say, ‘But I tried and everyone laughed at me… I’ve tried and I was put away in an institution…’ Understand, that in some ways it was true that you felt and even looked crazy, and perhaps you were speaking from an unbalanced place, which added to the confusion to those around you. But now you have the opportunity to plant your feet, root your feet further into the real world, and speak from this platform.”

IMG_5325Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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