Going Within and Beyond: What I learned from being a contactee

This is a January 23rd repost from my Medium blog. Occasionally, I write articles there to reach more of a mainstream audience. Oh my. The spirits are laughing out loud at that one. They know how challenging that reach has been for me! Believe me, I do not write to bring attention to myself. I have been asked by my lifelong visitors to do so, and I resisted this mission for decades. I dedicate this article to my soul sister, Cyndi Lenay. I understand why you needed to enter the Great Beyond. Most say it was sudden. But we knew. Enjoy those well-deserved wings, dear one.


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Everything I know for sure, I learned from beyond this world. Turns out they used to call the folks that made this sort of claim, crazy. However, what I learned was, going within and beyond is the sanest thing we can do. Especially in these times.

I am a direct Experiencer of contact with nonhuman intelligence (NHI). From the view of the current collective state of consciousness, the phenomenon seems to be penetrating mainstream in greater ways, and it seems to manifest in a wide variety of forms — ET-UFOs, angels, elementals, Sasquatch, spirits, etc. However, I wanted you to know that in this arena, there is an important distinction between those who research, analyze, and report on others’ data — even with the pride of a so-called critical eye — and those who directly interface, are informed by, and are changed by these events. The non-experiencer reporter of the phenomenon will likely perceive and report through the filters of a polarized view. The experiencer, depending on the evolutionary phase of their contact, has a greater chance of speaking from a bigger-picture or unified view.

I encourage you to question those who spread fear around contact with nonhuman intelligence (NHI). You don’t need me or anyone else to inform you of the truth of what is occurring. Simply grow up and beyond lower-vibrational consensus reality, and you will see the Truth for yourself. In fact, all of us must, because “normal” is the very state of consciousness that makes us highly manipulatable. In these times, if we do not open the eyes that see and the ears that hear, our subconscious fears will make our choices for us.

For me, the direct view into other dimensions has expanded and evolved exponentially over time. This is due to the changes in my own consciousness, and it’s the very grounds, I maintain, for NHI to make contact with humanity in the first place — to snap us out of our own dark spell. These inter-dimensional beings cannot save us from the smaller bandwidth of misinformation that we are looping within, but they certainly can and do shove us out of our complacency. And directing your rage at them for these intrusions would be like blaming the guy who risked his life to force you off the track of a speeding train — a train that you could not perceive because you agreed to wear temporary blinders.

And yet for many these meetings with NHI begin with pure terror.



This is not because they intend to be terrifying. It’s because the gap between who you think you are, and who you actually are, has grown “beyond” you. The way I see it is, all that you have ignored in order to normalize here has been dropped into an unconscious soup. When the Light or the forgotten higher-vibrational aspects of ourselves come to visit, this soup boils, blows open the lid, and gets splattered everywhere. It can be quite nightmarish until we recognize that the monsters and demons are clothed in the ugliness of our own darkness, our pain and shame, and the direct denial of our truth. In western culture, we are taught to play victim to these terrible beasts — whether they play out in our dream states or on the world stage — rather than to investigate our own consciousness more deeply. And while mankind has received great benefit from modern medicine, at the same time it is not surprising that a good many pharmaceuticals are developed to help with the discomfort of what lies beneath the proverbial lid.

I was never comfortable with life as it was framed for me from the early 1960s to now. Why? Because I could never fully fit into the given spectrum of normalcy. I fell into the category of crazy, or fringe, but I was pretty good at hiding it. Thankfully, society has an approved system in place that accepts some of us on the fringe. I became a musical artist. But more of that at another time.

My earliest memories are of my mother and grandmother telling me to hush up, and yes, put a lid on it. In connecting with others like myself now, I find the majority of lifetime experiencers can relate to these early days when the suppressive conditioning began. Because of my natural ability as a child to maintain a dialog with the gold-angel beings, my awareness took me far beyond the “normal” comfort zone of most. I knew and I shared too much. And I noticed that the words I spoke made people extremely uncomfortable. This is when Unconditional Love gets replaced by conditional love. Parenting becomes more about making sure the children are appropriately indoctrinated. Because god-forbid we should not become a full and productive cog in the wheel of this outlived system.

So like everyone else, I learned to suppress it. Later, when this intelligence returned in many new forms, it was terrifying. It seems I’d been busy building my own unique recipe of unconscious soup, and this high-vibrational energy just blew the lid off my carefully constructed identity — one that was custom-built to fit and survive in this world. Threatening the very idea of who we are and why we’re here may feel like the greatest fear for most. But it turns out from the experiencer view, that it isn’t. After a time of healing and integrating the effects of this life-saving exposure to More, we are driven to finally be our authentic selves. I mean, it’s why we were shoved off the track to begin with — to be given the opportunity to remember who we are. The worst of it comes from the judgment, the policing of the boundaries of lower-spectrum consciousness, and vitriol towards those who are courageous enough to speak of it.

It was only recently that I understood the purpose of my contact from beyond. While some may still call me crazy, from my point of view, it was to take me through the stages of shock in discovering that not only are we not alone but humanity is also designed to be far more than what we’ve been told. I call it our natural state. And restoring our natural state restores the foundation of our universal consciousness — both within and beyond, on Earth, as it is in Heaven, and in the here and now.

EM58headshotEileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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