It’s Not About Time, it’s About Now: I am but one seed and one project of many

The dreams at night and random downloads during the day seem to be increasing. Sometimes when I awaken in the morning I am given a search phrase. The context is also provided: either for the internet or in this case, within the Sound of Gold Files – the audio transmissions I’ve recorded since late 2004. They always point to something currently relevant to me, or to you, or both. I am but one seed and one project of many.

This morning, I was delighted when the search phrase brought up one single transcription – an older, 2005 message that I have not come across in years. I see the importance of coming back full circle, to the beginning of this particular phase as an experiencer – to revisit my soul intentions. After decades of mental-emotional confusion, fretting, doubting, isolation, anger, suicidal thoughts, rejecting, and then accepting again, I see what this lifelong project has been about: I’ve been in a cosmic immersive language school. At times I find it completely unbelievable… That I am still. F*@king. Here.

So, respect (bow) to all of my fellow cosmic seeds who are still effing here. I share what I share, mostly to nudge you now. I no longer try to reach to “normal” people, unless of course, they ask. The seeds are busy building bridges to new dimensions now. We do not require consensus approval through social media “likes” and views. We came here to have the courage to break through these illusory barriers. Feel free to share in the comments what you know your role and purpose to be. Have you stepped up yet? If not, I encourage and support you to do so. It’s not about time, it’s about now.

cosmicStageThis is an inside peek into my cosmic project. And I offer the view into my deeper purpose only to further trigger you into your own. I know this may sound strange, but when they speak to me, in many ways I feel them speaking to you as well. We are One.

Sound of Gold Files: Science Of Feeling.040505 – one of the earliest transmissions received and quickly filed away. I literally had to grow into the courage to claim it, share it, and be it.

…We have perceived that you are understanding these concepts and principles in the feeling realm – the wordless realm. And you are wondering, how could this possibly serve my fellow humanity? Sitting there and feeling the concepts of science and quantum physics; how does that serve humans? Well, it is my dear, that they are not accustomed to perceiving through the language of feeling. You will experience in your work an emphasis on teaching the language of feeling. Interpreting or translation is then done by each individual in their own way, with their own background, their own frameworks of understanding. It is not your job so much to bring things down to logic with direct reference to existing frameworks. It is more your intention, with your gifts, to directly communicate by frequency with the individuals present. That is not to say that there will not be words to share in these interactions. There will be many words. We are saying that we wish to establish a clear understanding with you that you will not be catering to the mental requirements and needs of people.

The whole idea is to surrender the existing frameworks to allow a different language, a different form of connection and communication.

In a conscious way, we might add, because this does happen. We are speaking of consciously inviting a new way (new to you as human in this realm), to perceive and receive wisdom and understanding, which can then be applied in each individual life. So we do speak to individuals. There is individual transformation when invited. And when individuals transform, the collective transforms. The collective outcome is based on individual transformation.

So allow the religious individuals to translate within their religious framework. Allow the scientist to translate within his framework… within the scientific community. Allow the “new-agers” to translate, interpret, and share what has occurred for them within that framework. And then allow the child to say, “Oh thank goodness! I won’t be needing to navigate in this world in limited ways anymore. I will be supported now for who I am.”

As you know the children coming into your world at this time do not have the need to lose themselves in the frameworks. So these frequencies will support their remembering and recognition instantaneously. That does not mean that the children need to be in the presence of these kinds of activities. What it means is that the more individuals on your planet that accept the transformation on this feeling level, the more it releases the children to be who they are and to gift you with this leap in consciousness. So you are serving each other in this way.

This is the angelic frequency in which we come and extend through you. “Angelic” is your word and it is a good word for now, although we may be stretching humans a bit more as we go with new understanding, new recognition. We may design a new set of words, references that may feel more fitting. As you will be leaving behind old concepts and beliefs rather rapidly, once the invitation to remember more and to manifest more occurs.

One moment.

We will practice in more outward ways when the timing is right. That may be vague to you, but know my dear that we are creating this together in the now. A reminder here that there is not a schedule set out. There is a vision. And together we bring this into manifestation with you. So, therefore, it is time to share with others when it is time. This is dependent upon and responsive to you, as you are the focus on Earth.

If you could see from our realm, what we see, you would find the very simplest of movements, the very simplest of new understanding in your realm as spectacular! So do not judge the self for not moving quickly enough, not knowing enough, or whatever else you may judge yourself for. We know you have many of these [said with humor and a wink]. Please, my dear, love your self. Love every gift of every moment and you will find your self in the present moment – the doorway into more consciousness, deeper connections, clearer connections. It is all beautiful from our perspective. Exquisite.

So we thank you for your service, for your dedication, your desire to be Love and radiate Love into your world. You will find that once humans begin to receive you, this will propel you into larger universes, more resources. Do you see? It is as you have understood in sharing your music, that your experience is greater and grander when you are being received and they gift back to you the love, the gratitude and appreciation for the love that they [resonantly] feel. It comes back to you and you are then propelled into new vistas. You are able to gift back to them in larger ways. So this is one reason why we encourage you to accept that it is not all on your shoulders. This is a call and response. This is a circle of energy…

Abrupt ending. A few moments later the doorbell rang.

No clue which versionEileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Not About Time, it’s About Now: I am but one seed and one project of many

  1. I wanted to share with you that when I read “A few moments later the doorbell rang” that my own doorbell rang right as I was reading your words! lol I rarely get visits nor does my doorbell ring, so I had to go back and re-read just in case I missed something. 😉

  2. Reading this warmed my heart. It’s my mission too and as feeling in those depths and creating clear knowing and connections is not always seen as a gift /help someone wants to pay for, it’s wonderful to get the confirmation once again that it matters and makes a difference on a grander scale.
    Loved the last part about it being a circle.
    It also confronted me with me still wanting things to move faster than they do and reminded me of patience and trust.
    So lots of pearls in this one for me. Thank you.

    1. And it warms my heart to hear from you. Yes, I would have to say that the value system here (money) is the hardest part of the journey. Patience and trust. Oh boy. That too. A big hug to you Katja. Breathe and anchor the truth in your own core. Just your being here is enough to make a difference. And how, when and where you share Light in the ways that give you joy, just know that it will be felt. Thank you.

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