Love is All: A recent Sound of Gold Message

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So we share Love. We speak of Love. And now you are discovering that Love is the most grounded thing that you can identify with. For this is what your Creator is. The Creator is not an idea of Love. Your Creator is not a story of Love. It is an actual Presence. And if you choose to welcome this into your life, it may destroy everything that you thought you knew, everything that kept you safe in your story. The only safe place in this moment is Love. And this is what we have been sharing and teaching to those who choose to listen… we should say, “absorb,” for that is how this data is received. It is energy. It is frequency.

So trusting in this Love is the way Home. What you identified with previously as “home,” was and is indeed the Earth. But the Earth is changing now. She knows what She’s doing. Your only mission now, if you choose, is to reidentify with Love. Therefore, reidentifying with the Universal instead of the smallness in which you have been confined. This voice has never misguided humanity by providing nice pictures and stories to lead you along with hope. No. Rather, we have pointed you within your own being, where your answers are. So stop in this moment and review. For those who have heard this voice, or other voices who are bringing through the same vibrational information. Have you acted upon this? What have you done to invite this Love to transform you?

Perhaps some of you have practiced this attention in the moment in the ways that we have given, and perhaps it is in the ways that others have given that are similar pathways to your Source or the Kingdom of Heaven within. Perhaps you tried it for a while, as you say, and then it didn’t work so you go back to the world you know and you re-identify. So you were open for a time. You were willing.  You said, “I’m willing to do this, to explore this,” but when it got uncomfortable you said, “I want to identify again, or I want to re-identify with what I was in before. I am attached to that. I am attached to the world,” is what you are saying. So you will move with the changes of this structure if that is what you identify with. And this may sound quite harsh to some, but this is Truth. and if you are bold enough to welcome the Truth into your life, your consciousness, your body, you will find Love again. For this is a memory within you. Deep within every cell of your being, there is a memory of this Love. And if you are able to open to it, you will feel it and be able to reidentify with it again. This is all we have been saying.

FreeFromTheWall sculptureMostly what we have been perceiving through our human counterpart here on Earth is that the human being reaches the paradox, the wall, that last wall we have spoken of that you must traverse in some way. And that is part of the paradox. How strong is your own will to reconnect with the Truth of who you are? Can you initiate that drive and perpetuate that drive through that wall of conditioning? It is very, very tempting to fall back into the sleep. We understand this and that is why we do not provide light and fluffy narratives for you from this perspective. We provide Truth translated through this human being and other human beings. There will be different perspectives, different translations through each human, but it will all be of the same vibratory nature. It is important to see the value of opening to the Truth, the re-valuing of your life, the re-valuing of being human on Earth. What do you value? Who are you? What is your passion? What excites you? Not in the context of what you have been [living] within, but in the greater context of your Universal Identity.

What does that look like when you remember, when you recall the Universal Force as your identity? How do you express that in your own unique way? Instead of channeling the information that you have been given within a contained system and identifying and creating from that, what does it look like to create from the foundation of the Universal? There are no limitations. And this is what many of you are adapting to right now.

On some level you understand that this is happening, and that you came here to be of service in this time. You’ve dedicated yourself to not only transforming your consciousness to the greater view, but sharing that with others. And to have the courage to be different. To have the courage to continue waking up here and navigating this small, small system, knowing the Truth about who you are and what you’re connected to, knowing that you are [sometimes] judged for speaking of it. This takes great courage and we acknowledge this. There are many of you. Continue to follow that light and that beacon within. It is the truth of your nature. You will not have the old markers so much anymore. You’re working with pure energy. Trust that this light will redefine you and redefine your environment. We encourage all of humanity now to reconsider. If you have identified with the world and the stories and the narratives that you are being given from any angle from within the world, you have the opportunity within this short period of time to reorient to choose light, to choose love in actuality – not in words, not just in language, but an energetic connection with your heart and your whole being. You will know when you make this connection. It is very clear. Your body is designed to work with these frequencies. Make yourself available for this Love. Attune to it. Sing it. Be it now. Love to you. Good day. Sound of Gold Files: LoveIsAll.122919 Excerpt

EM58headshotEileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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  1. Hoping to leap out of the “wall of statues” and dance into a new connection to the Universal Love!  Love that picture as it images perfectly what your post describes.Happy New Year!Love and hugs,Vicki

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