Spiritual Warriors, currently seeking a team

I have a lot to say. And I ask that you lend me your ears that hear. There seems to be a lot of confusion around spiritual missions these days. I’m sure you’ve noticed, there’s a lot of confusion about most things right now.

Many of us were born into the Matrix, or the “false grid,” as the Field (Sound of Gold Files) has communed to me over the years, in order to heal, lift, and inspire humanity to rise to their highest level. Some have labeled themselves, “starseed,” but in truth, we don’t require labels. We are spiritual warriors who have been embedded throughout the years, throughout the globe, incrementally raising the vibration to reach this now point. The chaos you see in the outer world is directly related to this dedicated team of interdimensional souls, as well as many of you. These times might be frightening, but do remember to feel the greater glory of it all.

DHT Group 112319At this stage of humanity’s awakening, the Universal Field through which nonhuman intelligence communes is reluctant to use language at all – i.e., words, labels, and other identity markers to reach into this dimension. Through me, it has been vibrationally communed, that this is absolutely a temporary stage of contact. While language can be expressed in beautiful ways, it can also be used to manipulate and deceive. Therefore, the emphasis has been to NOT get attached to words, ideas, stories, and concepts. Waking up, or ascension as some call it, is about individually taking responsibility for our own multidimensional awakening and integration. An effort is required on our part to resonantly “come online” directly with Source. This begins with the understanding that it is a vibrational journey, and one must actively tune their instrument to harmonize with Source. Or not. If you want to continue to sing the song of the false grid, you may continue to do so. But if you do know, deep within your core, that there is a Greater Song calling out to you now, act on it. Your choice will generate further expansion and support for remembering and attuning to the Larger Song.

Some of us are here to tell the truth, break the rules, and shatter this matrix. This is done by both being, and demonstrating Truth. And as the Indigenous peoples all over the world share, this is the timing to do so. Whatever you came to help with, on whatever level, it’s time for you to kick it into gear. You know who you are.

What we’re seeing in our world is a spectrum of truth, as well as a spectrum of lies. And that’s why the ego has no idea what’s going on. It was not designed to navigate beyond what it was given through programming. It was not designed to be the lead navigator at all! Whether you’re a lightworker or a minister of a new age or traditional church, if one is following the programming, you will conjure up stories and identities to comfort or placate the ego. If you’ve been given the vision of the fullness of who you are, beyond the definitions of this matrix, and you’ve continued to integrate and rise above the programming, chances are your piece of the puzzle is clearly coming into view now. Were you blessed with wisdom? Insight? Networking skills? Artistry? Engineering? Money? Healing? Great! Which reality will you continue to fund and support? It’s important for you to understand that if there are True Voices currently broadcasting in human form now, they have been funded by others who clearly see their value and role (as well as their own) in this mass awakening. Same process, just different bottom-line values. And just as nonhuman intelligence has formed collectives, humans must also do the same. It’s all about teamwork now.

The system you’ve been living within does not reward Universal Truth. Period. It may appear this way from time to time, but unless your eyes and ears have been divinely opened, you can be fooled by the many psyops programs that are working quite well – to placate and distract. Many of us knew all of this ahead of time. And for those who are still here and still showing up, thank you for your courage. This inner drive is not easily explained to those around us. It is a Divine Mission from within that cannot be translated through the finite framing of the current programming.

There is a spectrum of nonhuman intelligence who are in the Universal Field to serve humanity at this timing. They all have enormous value to share. Some come from the perspective of Infinite Love, yet have no experience in being human on Earth. And some most certainly have made the pragmatic, actual journey on Earth. Whatever their cosmic resumes might reveal, they are generating collectives of consciousness to commune through a variety of humans to help guide us to true freedom. Again, this is teamwork.

I have no time or energy to address the variety of deceiving voices who drive the machine of a darker collective. If one is not investing in the activation of your Source-provided antennae to access the Universal Truth, and to also discern who is telling the truth within the false grid, and who is not, then you’re likely giving your energy and attention to these psyops stories.

In the time of the internet now, everyone has a voice, but unless one can intuit (feel) where a voice resides in the spectrum of conscious awareness, every voice appears to be equal in addressing spirituality, science, governance, education, etc. Every voice is given a microphone, but discerning what is universally true and what is not is where we might want to invest some attention.

It may be difficult for you, but for the souls who are here to be the Truth that sets us free, you must ask for help from other souls who have come to be the other pieces of this vast universal project. Some souls have come to support this project by being anchored within the system, working behind the scenes, and manifesting worldly currency to fund, build platforms, and network this awakening. And some are here to distribute the Universal Currency as messengers. Whatever the gift is that you have come with, I get it, the courage that it takes to trust at this stage is enormous. Throughout my life, I adapted to and continue to trust the frequencies of Love that came to me repeatedly and asked me to be a voice. It’s why I’m still here. Today I have nothing of worldly value. I gave it all to create music, words, platforms, gatherings, and more.

To those who have supported me (or other spiritual warriors) on any level to reach this pivotal threshold, bless your beautiful hearts. You shall be richly rewarded with the treasures of Heaven, the only real treasure that exists. And you will continue to feel the fulfillment of rising to your own spiritual heights and earthly mission.

I need help now, and I know of others who do as well. Some are giving up, throwing in the towel, so to speak. I did not come here to build a thriving spiritual business and settle within the construct. I am on the rise. With my teammates, my inspiration is to build platforms for transcending this matrix – to share empowering messages in the real world, the Ascending Earth, and its vibrational community. If this has any value at all to you, I require donations to build a team and expand this platform.

I know my Universal value beyond a shadow of a doubt, and I want to inspire you to this place as well. If your superpower is the ability to inherit or generate worldly currency, AND you have the inner sight to see and feel what I and others are sharing with you, please consider supporting. When the Divine Lightworkers are fed, have a place to live, and are invited to bring it forth, much more will come. We have reached the point where we cannot do it alone. It’s time for teamwork. If you’ve gotten this far in my post, thank you. One way or the other, the angels are singing us Home. Can you hear? It’s all I’ve ever sung about! And yet, we must become a choir now. Will you join us?

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EM58headshotEileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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8 thoughts on “Spiritual Warriors, currently seeking a team

  1. I love your post Eileen. . . .I am SOOOO Right There Right NOW!!!!!!

    Both Emotionally and Financially . . . . . . . . .

    A part of me feels so ‘Deer In The Headlights’ with regards to my own interaction with this Earth reality at this specific time in my life…Having recently turned 68 I have deeply sensed this specific time in my life would be a turning point….a time where I am expected to convert my skills and efforts and background into specifically what I came here for…. and….so…..here I am…. waiting…. searching… seeking… longing…Did I just miss the boat… Is it just around the corner…

    I would like to schedule a Mayan Horoscope Reading by you… I see this as a way to support your ’cause’…. and at the same time…having visited a few Mayan ruins while in Cancun earlier this year….I feel connected . . . . . and ready!

    What is the next step?


    Charlie Comstock

    1. Thank you for your honest response, Charlie, and many thanks for your support. We are in a powerful time period for remembering and acting upon our inner knowing. Looking foward to doing the chart!

  2. I want to thank those who messaged me today so quickly. Your support is so very appreciated. Since I posted this, there has been some movement in response to my recent intention setting. This is proof that our honest voicing and asking for what we need can happen rather quickly. Fun to watch! Why are YOU here?
    Encouraging you all to move in the direction of your highest and greatest intent.

  3. I can understand this on a deep level.
    I have sought out other spiritual warriors but it is almost as if they have thrown in the towel and are in hiding.
    The truth is my life. I am not afraid to speak it or to share it or to be one with it.
    I have “seen” and “known” since I was 7 years old. Languages of the ancient ones and dreams of many lives before. I have messages and I give them. I believe I am just a vessel for the truth and I allow that of the light to flow through me.
    It was very nice to read your post, thank you for writing it

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