Trust That You Will Fly

Photo by Eduardo Griego Gonzales

I offer two transmissions today – one excerpt from 2010 and one from yesterday. I have expressed several times over the years that even though these messages have been received and transcribed for over fifteen years, they are timeless. They speak to Now.

An excerpt from yesterday’s (Nov 24, 2019) transmission from The Field:

“This is a very simple message now. Do you surrender in Love and trust that you will fly? Or do you stay in fear? – Staying within the limitations of what you were told by others, not informed from within… You may choose true freedom now – not the propaganda of freedom, not the idea and the concepts of freedom, but true freedom. And it is all based on vibration. Who are you and what do you want? The surrender takes place within your own heart.

Your guides, your angels, your Creator Source know that you are that butterfly and more, and have held this vision for you, and have guided you in the avenues that were open throughout these centuries. It is to bring you to this intersection whereby you may hear the Voice of the Field; you may hear the Truth and choose to respond to it, to rise to it. Or you may choose to stay where you are. Both choices are valid. We are here in Love, re-minding you, re-orienting you, if you choose.” Sound of Gold Files: CaterpillarToButterfly112419

An excerpt from a 2010 transmission:

“So the way that we see it now, is that there are many butterflies now that have emerged from the chrysalis. Many beautiful butterflies, and yet they are afraid to fly. For each of these butterflies has never seen another butterfly! What to do? So the consciousness is here and present with itSelf, noticing, aware of its newfound beauty, noticing this new equipment and not quite sure what to do with it. For what if I emerge onto the landscape of current human consciousness… And what if I frighten people, or what if I’m too beautiful? What if I’m criticized? What if I am killed, squashed by the smallness of human consciousness for exercising beauty? Exercising Grace? Exercising Truth? Well, you will not know until you begin to flap those wings and figure out how they work. Practice it and begin to fly, begin to soar so that you may demonstrate to others what is possible in Love. Soon you will see others flying about and in the blink of an eye, there will be many, many, many more butterflies in the air. And you will all discover together the joy of this more expanded experience of consciousness on earth. And you will create it together. It is time now. It is time to be courageous…” Sound of Gold Files: Transcribed.101710.ATG2

I also offer up a song that I wrote around the turn of the century. It’s about my own metamorphosis, entitled, “Fly.”

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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