The Divine Grid: Our Home, our Mission

Velvet Dream, by Rassouli

When one has experienced the natural state, wholeness, the Divine Grid, the heart and body do its best to help us remember this. We are restored. This is what makes it so difficult to fit back into the world following these events. Not that many of us really fit in the first place. What has been constant throughout my life, and continues now, is there is always this Presence that guides me. I have a compass within, and a mission. And I’m aware that we are growing in numbers.

Over the past few years, I was thrilled to be connecting with other experiencers in Facebook and other groups. I met some extraordinary people. I even launched a media platform to record conversations with them. I loved it. It becomes a celebration, a kind of rejoicing in the body and senses – finding others who have experienced these transformations, finding others whose eyes and ears have been opened. The resonance is palpable. Under these circumstances, just as in the mystical experience itself, language has a way of becoming annoying and useless. What was occurring was more like communion.

There were quite a few who responded to my invitation to be a guest on this platform, but only a handful of respondents that were willing to speak about the integration of these transformational events into their everyday lives. Most wanted to talk drama, outer-world phenomenon, or their new upcoming UFOlogy book or conference, which is fine. But if they deflected my questions, “What did you feel? How did it change you? What are you learning?” I knew they were seeking a different kind of platform in which to share. I am so grateful to the brave few who did record a sacred truth-telling conversation with me. If no one else in your life will honor this in you, I feel privileged to be one who can.

I was guided to do the Evolution of an Experiencer Series. And very sad when I realized that most experiencers are still too afraid to speak openly and honestly. I get it. It would disrupt our existing lives, all that we had worked so hard to create so that we could fit and survive under these limited conditions. If we told the truth we might lose our jobs, worldly reputations, our partners, our families. Yes… but it may be why these extraordinary events occurred in the first place – to restore our natural senses and view of what Life actually is. This way we can speak of it so that others, and especially those closest to us, are given an opportunity to know that there is more. And we can continue to take root and flourish in this ever-expanding context of truth. But because we’re afraid to speak, we all just end up frozen, thinking we are completely alone with it. And we definitely are not.

Most experiencers of numinous or mystical events are quite aware of the difference between life and LIFE. We now have a marker within for what is real and actual. Conversely, we know that what we’ve been living within is definitely not complete, and definitely full of deception. Sadly, it’s still possible for experiencers to fall back into the old patterns and social norms as we can literally “talk ourselves back into the containment” for the sake of keeping up appearances. We do have that choice. But at the same time, we are not immune to a very real pain that our knowing hearts feel, as we begin to don the heavy armor again.

This Presence has been informing me about this for years. A transmission I decoded from 2007:

“Collective humanity is not so much conscious at this point that they have created this other realm in which they have projected themselves within, to conduct their lives within, these tiny parameters of existence. You are conditioned to believe that this is life! And yet most cannot know that it is not life. You may have glimpses of LIFE, this is true, and you enjoy and welcome those glimpses, but the idea here is to wholly open yourself to the full and direct experience of LIFE…”  Sound of Gold Files: NaturalWorld052707

This is a major crossroads in human consciousness. According to this Wisdom, we are all choosing whether we prefer to continue by way of virtual reality, or re-ignite that Divine Spark within – restoring our original design, our True Home in the Divine Grid.

Today, as I watch the necessary degradation of our scripted connection, purpose, and meaning that was attached to a false identity and grid, I also watch this degradation occurring in Experiencer and UFO groups. Opinions facing off with other opinions. Stories competing with other stories. Anger, rage, vitriol. Who is right? Who is wrong? Sound familiar? I lost interest.

An experiencer has an opportunity to actively engage, heal, and integrate the shadow that emerges as a result of this exposure to a greater bandwidth of frequency. All that does not align with Grace is to be acknowledged and released. The experiencer may now anchor what he/she KNOWS to be true in their Divine core. It’s clear. It’s owned. It’s resonating with Source. There is nothing here to argue or defend. Once restored, the Divine Compass within shifts into the infinite context of the Field, Original Source Creator, and Love. And the Truth of this, no words required, is blasted into this false grid, thereby breaking the spell that humanity has been under for centuries. Those who are growing in numbers KNOW this and are actively doing so. I bow to you, and I thank you.

I will be demonstrating in-person how I was taught to enter and radiate the Field, this Saturday. 

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Photo by Jerry Cooper, Conscious Living and Dying Conference, April 2019, Pueblo, CO

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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