Seeing and meeting the incoming Light


Many of us just shifted into a new energetic landscape in the past few days. And now? We adapt to it. This means we consciously hum along in a balanced inner state, despite the games of chaos and uncertainty appearing “out there.” In this new space, it’s about deeply listening, trusting, and speaking our truth. It’s about boldly being you. In other words, many of us are refining our soul mission in these times, and self-directing our own evolution. Make no mistake, if you are still here, there is a reason for it. And the new track and train are manifesting for those who consciously engage with the Greater Soul’s unfolding – right here, right now. Will you be one who sees and meets this incoming Light?

Many say they are ready to meet that train, yet are shocked to find out that we can’t bring all of our unconscious luggage with us. Why not? Because in the vibratory signature of unconscious pain, shame, guilt, and denial, we are exposed and vulnerable to psyops-based, manipulative tactics. These stealthy weapons appear to disrupt our connection to our internal cosmic navigational systems – the very systems that are designed to guide us to our Divine, vibrational state of Home. I rarely speak of this in such specific terms, because I am here to encourage, not promote or give energy to these lower-vibrational traps in time. I am all about transcending them.

I understand now that this is precisely what my life of interacting with nonhuman intelligence was preparing me for – to support others in rediscovering their innate Divine power, and to cross over this threshold. I am not alone. I was informed from the beginning that there were many of us who experienced a lifetime of nudgings to awaken and adapt to the higher frequencies. I have met a few of these fellow travelers, and I will share more about this in the future.

Throughout my life, my visitors took me through every phase – from total terror to what now feels like an eternal process of remembering, re-integrating, and embodying more of my Self. I liken it to hundreds of shamanic deaths and rebirths that led me to the vibrational Truth of who we all are, and the power of divinity that we carry within. It was a hard life, and at this juncture, you will not hear me complaining. I recognize the perfection in all of it.

Through this contact with the Sound-Light Intelligence, I was shown a practice that when consciously and regularly applied, would gently release the trauma in our individual bodies and energy field. In the past few years, I have been refining and sharing this method with others. Some are doing quite well, but I have found that it’s not exactly popular. There are a few reasons why this is, but largely it’s because it takes us directly to our walls of programming. And this is where most people find many convenient reasons not to continue the practice. Where there is no will, or rather, traumatized will, there is no way through the certain lethargy or glazing of the eyes that inevitably occurs. When I work with clients, I can literally see and feel when the conditioning kicks in.

On the other hand, what happens to those who choose to engage with this Presence? We unveil the acoustic openings in our biofields that can now generate direct resonance with the Source Field. In essence, this is how we “come back online” or achieve a state of Divine homeostasis. Through this process, I understood that if our instrument is not free to vibrate in the pure sweetness of its original design, it will stagnate and loop within the dampened down portals of body, heart, and will. I have experienced this doorway, or what feels like a bioenergetic tunneling that locks me into this universal energy field or grid. Why did this happen to me? Because after a while I had no energy to live what people referred to as a “normal” life, and I had no energy to run from the persistent, high-frequency encounters. I knew that I needed to stop my own Groundhog-Day-type existence and face these fears. In May of 1991, I consciously chose to engage and dialog with it, a major marker in this human journey.

We are still in the choosing time. And this is the doorway whereby we can choose to revive who we are and morpheus memewhy we wanted to be here at this timing. While many of us feel that we are straddling two distinct realities now, at a certain point, we simply cannot sustain a presence in both worlds. If you are afraid of disappointing or even losing the love of those who choose to remain looping on the tracks of the old world, then this is a choice to stay small in order to keep consistency with what has always been. It’s a preference really, not unlike the choice between the Matrix movie’s red or blue pill.

The opportunity to rise into our original (natural) state is real. It is a glorious opening for humanity to retune the frequency dial to firstly reconnect with ourSelves, and then through resonance, reconnect with a universal sea of multidimensional intelligence. There’s a lot of wonder in store for us if we have the will and the courage to engage. Even though we may not know how it works, if we show up, we will see the light of the next train.

“This God Frequency is available to mankind now on a conscious level for those who have allowed what is buried, what is unconscious, to come to the surface to be seen, to be acknowledged. Then what happens naturally is that those spaces that were once filled with compartments, and storage for that which did not want to be seen or heard, those places are now filled with Love.” Sound of Gold Files: CollectiveConscious042008


Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After a lifetime of numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.


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  1. Love this one! Encouragement for surmounting the 5-G onslaught among other things. Thanks Eileen…

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