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A Time to Rest and Listen


I want to thank everyone for your interest in reading and sharing all that I have offered on this blog so far. Recently I received a vision for what comes next. My plan is to pull back from my frequent sharing here so that I have the time and space to go within, listen, and welcome a new body of work.

I will continue to do occasional blog and social media posts, YouTube conversations, private sessions, and perhaps a few small group gatherings. So if you have an interest in any or all, please note the direct links below.

I feel that I have done my very best to articulate what has been given to me in the times leading up to this critical crossroads, and I feel complete with my soul intention to do so. The next book/projects will be for those who are ready to step into their own power and purpose going forward. These coming months will reveal our personal, as well as our collective course. Be bold. Be strong. Be YOU.

My heartfelt love, and blessings to you all. ~ Eileen

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After a lifetime of numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.


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