The Divine Feminine: A revolution that begins within

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I have to admit, I’ve been envious sometimes. Lately, as I watch others excitedly talking about ETs and spaceships in the sky, I ask why my lifetime of contact has been very challenging, and far more earth-based. It absolutely forced me to grow. Almost every visit or download has been about remembering and restoring the feminine, or our soul consciousness, so that we may reclaim our original design and meet our cosmic family from this ancient-new ground of wholeness. And not only that, every step of the way I’ve been asked to practice and demonstrate what I am absorbing. And I have. I’m well aware that my spiritual work terrifies people. It doesn’t fit nicely into boxes. It goes against all of our conditioning. It’s definitely not attractive to the ego. And yes, basically this Intelligence wants us to get grounded and wake the fuck up (my translation).

This morning I woke up with a prompt to share more of the transmission from June of 2016. In the past, I’ve had a tendency to hold things back because the Goddess presence doesn’t always fit nicely into the linear data we were entrained to consume. In order to feel-perceive Her, we must be willing to humble ourselves, practice innocence, and become a Sacred Truth-teller. In other words, move the lies out of our body and being to provide the space for her to rise. For years I’ve been shown that humanity has been programmed to reside within a very narrow view or bandwidth, and because we have bought into the story, or denied our whole power, we believe that we are small, insignificant, lost souls who are at the mercy of our religious or political authorities. When She is welcomed back into our awareness, we witness the restoration of our power, sight, and “knowing of the Truth.” Yes, that same Truth that sets us free. Trust me, the revolution begins within.

Sections were previously shared on this post in Aug 2019, Restoration of the Feminine. Here is more…

“There are some individuals whose daily lives are filled with brainstorming and developing ways to suppress the feminine as they know that once the remembrance of this liquid light, this liquid love, fills the bodies of human beings, they know that they will be completely unable to control [humanity]. So you see it isn’t simply a matter of waiting for humanity to awaken so that you can create, co-create, or manifest a world or an environment that is more representative of your heart. Understand that it will not occur in this way for you are expecting transformation to occur in a very small way. You must be whole. You must experience the remembrance of this Love. You must feel it to embody it, and to be it. You cannot ‘think’ it.

…As interesting and fascinating as it is to have lengthy discussions around the feminine, it is not enough. The goddess, the feminine is returning and is available for those who choose to welcome the transformation. There are those who are in very public positions who are speaking of the Divine Feminine and owning that topic, who are equally as afraid when it gets down to it… equally as afraid to allow that force to return. For what it does is it shatters identities. It shatters masks. And it returns you to your state of wholeness. 

…What is the fear [of transformation]? It is mostly around sustenance. How will you eat? How will you feed your children? How will you make this seemingly extreme leap from where you are to a functioning planet that is in balance and harmony and resonance with not only the earth but the solar system, the galaxy, and beyond… into areas that you are not able at this time to translate, for it does not fit into the bandwidth of your current understanding? It is not language-based. It is feeling-based. And this is why the feminine is so important for awakening. It is the missing piece. It is the missing grail as you have referred to it. It is Love. You have adapted to a one-sided life and existence. It is not your fault, as we have stated previously, it is simply where creation is at this time. One could spend a great deal of time and study to bring these ideas out in an intellectual way, but this also takes a great deal of energy. And energy at this timing, we are encouraging, should be utilized for going within and rediscovering what you are connected to, rather than spinning your wheels, so to speak, trying to solve problems in simply one room within a large mansion.

There is so much more available to you, but until you realize that you have been circling one room, one area, one small piece of reality and consciousness; until you experience in actuality that there is More, it will not arrive and be demonstrated in your outer world. It will not arrive until you show up and demonstrate it within yourself. We understand that this sounds nebulous, distant, strange. Of course it does. For it is feminine wisdom and you have been purposely cut off from this presence. We are very careful when we begin to frame this energy and attempt to translate it into words, for the mind is so conditioned and programmed that it rejects. There is so much fear around meeting this energy. There is so much misunderstanding. Look at your world. You will see this misunderstanding of the feminine acted out in so many ways, and it is unhealthy. Of course it is unhealthy, for you yourself live in an unhealthy state simply because you don’t remember… you don’t know this frequency for the most part. Understand we are aware of your glimpses of this… of course there are glimpses. But instead of becoming conscious of it and welcoming it and dialoging with this Love, there is a tendency to make it a mystery, to call it an angel… “God works in mysterious ways.” It is only mysterious because you are not going direct to this Source.

This is big, as you say. It is so big that the mind cannot wrap itself around it. This is a wonderful saying! The mind will never wrap itself around and contain the feminine. The feminine is larger than that. It is far more powerful than that. So it does require a surrender of sorts, to trust that when you welcome this presence into your life, into your body, into your being, that you will find balance.

You are dependent upon your structures, on your world views to keep your sanity, as you say. Staying in this limited place at this timing creates quite the opposite. You are moving more into insanity for these feminine waters of life are flowing in. Whether you personally are prepared for it or not, it is the timing. This is the intersection where all will come back to balance and new creations will be born – from the foundation of full integration. It is a whole new experience for you.”

Sound of Gold Files: FeminineHere061916

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