Resonating with the Universe, and Gregg Braden too

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It took a lifetime of “upgrades” and lessons from nonhuman intelligence (NHI) to remember how to activate it. No one is taking over my body. It’s simply my translation of what is being transmitted to me in both a cellular resonance and 3rd-eye images. From the very beginning, I was informed that all of humanity is wired for this, and in these times many are coming back online.

These transmissions won’t sound linear, mostly because it is a feminine, feeling-based language. Those who demand linear explanations will lose interest very quickly. They are usually the ones who also become highly triggered by the sensual, foreign sounds that come through before the words start. I am told that this is an ancient wounding that has developed an immediate defense against the physical body’s natural and excited response to the magnetic Presence of the Mother. The voice of the Mother through me excites the Mother Presence buried deeply beneath the trauma and wounding of the listener. Some people cannot exit or turn off the sound fast enough. It’s that guarded, unconscious, and habitually shielded, and it is precisely what blocks our communion with our True Creator and all benevolent beings who reside in this Universal Field. It’s why they always said, the pathway to directly know us, is by dusting off and following the maps within you.

I’ve been informed that 99% of the data is transmitted in the spaces in-between the words and that the sound of my voice broadcasts these data-filled tones. And your voice will too if you practice prayer and resonance. Who is feeling, hearing, and benefitting from these audio messages? Mostly artist types at this point, or those who have been listening/absorbing the messages for a time, or people who’ve had the conditioned barriers to their hearts dissolved through accident, illness, or they may even be contactees in some form like myself.

To reach a wider audience, I sometimes post the word-transcriptions. I’ve learned over years of attempting to share these messages with people, that I had to first reach their minds. I also understand that this phase is now coming to a close. NHI says there is no more time to reach to the egoic mind. Humans must now engage their Creator-given gifts to reach or elevate to higher-vibrational states. In other words, to Self-direct their own evolution. There is a window that has been open for NHI to contact and encourage humans to understand, remember, apply, and grow via the thinking mind. And that window is closing. They’ve said that we’ll meet on the other side of our own barriers, directly communing in the Universal Source Field, if we choose.

Below are a select few excerpts from 2016-2019 transmissions on resonance, plus a video. People send me these videos and ask, “Isn’t this what you’ve been sharing with the messages and Koyopa Meditation?” Yes. I was taught how we pray unceasingly to generate this resonance in our bodies, and also how to direct it. Thank you so much for the video, Gregg Braden. I appreciate all that you do and share. It’s important for the planet and it’s also important for me, after 15 years of bringing through these messages, to feel validated by someone like you. It’s been a long, lonely road where I’ve been fueled only by a few close friends, and my own trust and faith in this enormous Love that has reached through the window to me. In turn, I agreed to share it with all of you.


“…The technologies that we utilize, we do not refer to as technologies. First and foremost we do not use language. The point being, that it is inherent within the consciousness, so it is not so much referred to as technology, but more as activating the resonance and the blending, the weaving in of intent with resonance to create, to manifest in whatever realm, whatever density, whatever coordinates we choose. This appears to be magic or even beyond human comprehension at this point, but you will find once that you are free or released from the prison of the smallness of what you have been contained within, or spectrum of consciousness, you will find that it is all rather simple and natural. So what appears to be quite complicated and even out of reach most of the time, is simply a byproduct of the containment field that you have been within. And we are here to reintroduce you to frequency… to reintroduce you to resonance.” Sound of Gold Files: Intervention.071016

“The more conscious it is made and the more that the irregularities are released from your conditioning, the more it will be pure-feeling tone – pure resonance – which directly connects you to your Creator, to Source Consciousness. And then you may be fed from what is true. And then you cannot be manipulated. You cannot be controlled. You understand what a lie is instantaneous. At this point, when enough of you are reconnected to the rest of your consciousness, to the rest of your abilities, what is happening in your outer world that is suggesting through appearances that you are moving into a direction of more control… this will vanish (be transcended) almost instantaneously.” Sound of Gold Files: KnowingOwing.111316

“Find your network of heart friends and family, through sound, through resonance. It is important that you feel it, and strengthen it in your tuning forks first. Then you may play with the mind and the definitions, sharing ideas of what this is, and what that might be. But before you jump on creating an entirely new set of person, place, and thing… and, reality definition, stay with the tones for a while. It is all right to feel before interpreting, before defining, before allowing the (ego) mind to secure a new reality as quickly as possible, because of the discomforts of not having definitions, not having a place to hang your hat. Do you understand? Feel it, allow it to fill you, and be you. And, to share that with others in the ways that you are creatively inspired.” Sound of Gold Files: SoundItOut.073116

“So whatever you have been projecting into the darkness and projecting into the light, must be owned now. It must be witnessed and released so that there is room for the direct resonance with your Source Creator. All of this will not come with linear explanations. This is a process that requires your emotional intelligence. And many of you have suppressed this to such a degree that you have devalued and perhaps do not even recognize the value of your emotions. There is a certain pride and arrogance on some level, for some humans who feel that they have mastered their minds and their bodies by dismissing feelings. By dismissing feelings you are dismissing your heart consciousness, which is the greater consciousness that you were designed to employ. And it is all a choice now.” Sound of Gold Files: TruthToPower.022419

Gregg speaks about resonance at 7:40, but the whole video is great! [Note: Apologies for the absence of this video. The link was broken and I haven’t been able to re-locate it on YouTube.]


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