Sing the Song of your Birth Light


The essence of you is pure music. Your body and feelings are like an instrument. We are either consciously engaged with the song of our soul, harmonically entrained to our Universal Birth Light, or we are in an unconscious, auto-repeat broadcast of the “popular” or consensus songs that we think we must sing in order to experience a sense of belonging here. Whether you consciously recall or not, you belong to a universal symphony.

For decades I was one who spent the entirety of my lifeforce energy on the impossible task of fitting in here. Inevitably, I lost myself in this virtual reality for a time. It seems most of us did. Thankfully, as an experiencer, I had help in not falling too far into this strange upside-down world.

From my earliest memories, I was very much connected to nonhuman intelligence – angels or ETs, if you will. They spoke or sang through light and sound, which were the carriers of what felt like an infinite source of data. When I attune to it, this communion continues to activate inside my cells. It is my natural state. It is our natural state. I’m just here to remind you.

When we are young, these interdimensional angels play the universal symphony of who we are on a consistent basis. That is, until our honesty and innocence, our original sound system, our true voice, is silenced. Strange as it sounds, when I reached a certain age my religious mother deemed my talk of angels to be inappropriate fantasy. She wanted me to recite what others heard the angels say, those who lived long ago and were therefore deemed to be far more connected than I. Eventually, for most of us, our blissful innocence and natural song became suppressed. Looking at my life in retrospect, I see that my whole way of being morphed into a constant apology for being disobedient and incapable of playing along with the given songs. These were the songs that we were taught to sing from all those who may have been our family, but had similarly lost their ability to perceive the greater over-tonal spectrum.

In hindsight, I see that this early rejection of our true essence and Divine currency is what initiates the endless search for acceptable music and narratives. These are the ones that we entrain-to so that we may establish and perpetuate a greatly-reduced sense of value and identity in this realm. This is our disconnected egoic state that becomes our context for purpose and meaning within the limited repertoire of this reality. At this stage, most of us can’t even remember when that dial got switched over and we adapted to the shallow breathing that obediently hums along with what is broadcast here. We were too busy pretending that we loved it, whilst forgetting that there was anything else. If we still felt empty, we were pointed to the old religious books and churches, and the modern recitations from people whom I noticed were far better at dismissing their direct Birth Light than I.

Don’t get me wrong. For years I wanted to be like them. I begged the angels to reduce my Birth Light too. The pain that comes from the awareness of a Greater Song, while living with those who say we’re crazy because we can see, hear, and feel these heavenly strains… well, it takes great faith to continue on, and to have the courage to be and share who we truly are.

When we actually hear the honesty in the songs of others, it begins to vibrate or re-infuse us with the distant memories of our own original song. Depending on our individual intentions, it will either trigger the blankets of fear that have kept these pure tones under wraps, or it will initiate the re-awakening of the Universal Sound of Truth within us. For many of us, it is both.

It’s why I’ve been willing to sing out now, and I celebrate others who have found their original frequency too. But understand at this particular timing, even if we do unearth and reveal our deepest original songs, don’t always expect that the world will hear it right away, let alone validate it. Humanity’s finer senses have been quite dulled over the centuries, especially since we started aligning with the broadcast of preapproved or programmed setlists of limited concepts and ideas.

We are taught to fear the unknown, yet the Unknown Infinite is where our music is continuously broadcast – all ways and eternally. I often say to clients and groups, “Know thySelf. Know thy frequency,” and practice fearlessness in broadcasting it to the world. When we remember how to re-resonate with our true, Universal Soul and Self, and uniquely broadcast it through our bodies, our will, and our hearts, we will rejoin the symphony, and transform this world in an instant.

“You have placed yourselves in a position where for a time you have believed that you have no ability to change, or transform, or own the song, the tune, the melody that you are.  In fact, you have placed yourselves in a position where you allow others to define your tune.  You allow others to create your experience of song and melody… It’s time to allow the music to be played through you now, from the greater part of your being.”
Sound of Gold Files: Overtones122505

“Live With It,” written and performed by Eileen Meyer

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EM58headshotEileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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