Wake up Superheroes. It’s Go-Time

SuperheroElevator“We are here to break the spell. There are many of us… an entire team both above and below.”  –Nonhuman Intelligence

“Here is a tool,” I was informed through resonance, “When things get so difficult that you are unable to think or discern how to move forward, this will help you to neutralize the spell by quickly raising your vibrational frequency.”

Using this tool is like getting on an elevator and rising above the weight, the pain, and the fog of uncertainty. We simply step onto the elevator from the floor of disempowerment, and we press the button to move into a renewed sense of empowerment again.

Let’s refer to human states of fear and anxiety; and in panic attacks, that incendiary moment when the frozen blocks of fear, shame, and denial get tripped or triggered. What triggers it? There are too many to list and it’s not important to do so for this article. We need quick and precise tools to move from conscious recognition of the trigger to its ultimate transformation. Adding the backdrop of drama and story will slow us down, and/or derail us from our supreme point of power – the present moment.

While many of us have done some serious work around healing past shame and trauma, most of the population still holds onto an armory of rejected feelings buried deep within the body consciousness. No matter how stoic or nicely we’ve developed our persona-face to survive in this world, that cache of combustible stuff is there. And the potential triggers are everywhere. Unless we personally take charge through our own self-directed evolution of consciousness, we are essentially leaving ourselves exposed and vulnerable to certain fear-based programs with the intent to trigger this ammo.

You know how most of us were told early on to avoid or stuff our feelings? And that it was a sign of weakness to admit that they existed at all? Well, that’s precisely what made us so forgetful and afraid – disconnecting from our feeling-knowing capacities. Conscious ownership of our feelings not only restores our clear, bad-ass superhero natural state of being; it also restores our direct connection to Original Source Creator and all harmonically resonant beings in the Universe(s).

Yes, I know. That was a pretty big statement. At the same time, it’s one of the few things in this crazy reality that I’m certain of.

threshold.meme.081209We are all on the threshold of higher-vibrational consciousness. Some will intentionally cross that threshold. Some won’t. Bottom line is, we can’t take the frozen, unconscious stuff with us. It’s too heavy for the elevator and when we arrive at our higher-vibrational destination, there is no room for it. That’s why the elevator won’t move if we insist on bringing all of the unconscious excess – the weight of the lies we’ve bought into or told ourselves for millennia. These are the same lies that the cultural and social scripts reinforce. Even so, each of us is empowered to consciously choose this next step in our evolution. Until we reach a critical mass/tipping point, there are no bypasses or short cuts. And try as we might, we cannot fool the sensitive load-control protocols that are carefully built into the cosmic lift system.

I have to say, after applying and demonstrating the value of this spiritual technology for years now, I found that transforming the accumulated weight of this matrix world is easy. It’s almost too easy. But here’s the hard part: getting past the ego that guards that elevator door. It’s armed with the echo of all the voices from your past conditioning. It can stop you in your tracks with just one look, and one quick reason why you shouldn’t fall for this crazy, deceptive idea that you can heal and restore your original whole consciousness. Your ego isn’t bad. It’s just been terribly misinformed and compromised. It’s become a double-agent of sorts.

Saturday (8/31) was rough. A few who are close to me, including some clients, nearly lost it over the course of the day. The energy was the heaviest I’ve felt in a while. Understand that I’m a lifetime researcher of consciousness, simply because, over the years I’ve been spontaneously invited into a multidimensional series of conference calls that have initiated contact and bioenergetic events. They call us “experiencers,” and while we all have different kinds of contact scenarios, the overall intent seems to be the same: the evolution of consciousness.

matrixcatSo two days ago, I felt bombarded with energies that induced a high-anxiety state. Because it was so sudden and unusual, I remembered to apply the tool. Recognizing these anomalies is half the battle, not unlike the deja vu-cat in the matrix movie. And yes, when we do have the will to follow through, this is how we sail past the double-agent ego character and step directly into the elevator. When the process is complete, it feels like magic, and very much like a “high” when it works because we suddenly have a rush of more of our lifeforce energy. I suppose it’s why this nonhuman intelligence continues to prompt me to share it with you. So I am… again and again.

We don’t need to know the who-what-where-why and how of the dark or heaviness in order to use this tool. In fact, that line of questioning is actually a “no-no” because it auto-solicits the help of the ego, our compromised agent, to launch our thinking mind. This, of course, welcomes past-future thought back into the mix, which will result in a quick and disempowering retreat. What you’ll find if you do use your will to push through to the elevator, is that eventually, this whole consciousness will automatically inform you of all that you need to know, when you need to know it, anyway. And far more accurately.

The first step is to place yourself in the present moment. At the first sign of confusion or anxiety, I tell people to state out loud, and like you really mean it, and fully feel it, “I am HERE.” Just keep repeating it, especially when your mind starts to wander… or you feel that slippery slope into panic again.

This will get you onto the elevator because when you are “here,” or present, the ego is subdued.

However, in order to stay in the present-moment elevator, and rise above these disempowering scenarios, it takes a considerable focus of will. Trust me, it’s worth the effort. And remember, you were designed for this. Soon many more of us will understand that we’re not just saving ourselves in this mission, we’re helping to rescue and ultimately free the Divine Mother and the collective of humanity.

Yeah, it’s that big. And it can’t be fully explained in words. It must be demonstrated… like I can’t really teach you how to dance or sing through words on a blog post, or by utilizing language alone. It’s about remembering how to engage our super emotional-intelligence powers through intent and movement. This is how we restore our superpowers, by coming back online with our built-in spiritual technologies.

People who are well educated may find that these kinds of smarts don’t necessarily translate to the elevator or the more shamanic practice of transmuting negative energy. In fact, much of our educational system is designed to insert auto-scripting into the egoic mind for just these kinds of challenges to “authority.” The auto-scripts are silently running in the background and were designed specifically to step in and choose for us so we don’t have to be bothered or interrupted by our silly feelings and emotions. By the way, feelings are the same watery medium that resonantly connect us with the Universal Field. Are you catching on yet?

In these times we must know what is real and actual, and what is not. We must know the vibration of the compromised agent as well as the Divine Self. And as much as we have been rewarded and praised for following the game-plan of the world, in order to enter the elevator, aka the Kingdom of Heaven within, the auto-scripts of our worldly conditioning must go.

I’ll cut to the chase.

Let’s say that we managed to get onto the elevator and it’s moving us into greater understanding, awareness, and peace now. Where are we when the elevator doors open again?

Funny story.

When the elevator doors open, we find that we haven’t physically gone anywhere. Now we are ready to walk back into the matrix world, while simultaneously anchored to the real (natural) world, and be the superheroes that we are. It’s here that we engage our unique powers to help all of humanity do the same – break the spell. What are your built-in spiritual technologies? Discover them. It’s go-time.

Eileen will be facilitating healing groups and passing along this tool to groups in Southern Colorado this month (September). Visit her Events Page for more info.

IMG_4983Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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