Another Vibrational Step Up

13143943 - silhouette of girl look for hope in the seaThe past two mornings I received guidance upon awakening. I feel it will affect me personally in how I proceed with my spiritual work. Perhaps some of you will relate.

Referencing my previous blog post as a baseline, Now it Rises, from Aug 14, 2019, in the last 48 hours the energetic focus collectively and individually just took another vibrational step up. The visions showed me that in each of these steps or stages, we are choosing to surrender to the next higher vibrational phase or to remain where we are. I was also guided to include an excerpt from a 2018 Sound of Gold Files transmission called, “Unlocking Codes,” which further describes the movements of the collective consciousness in this timing.

You are all encoded within. All of you have an opportunity now to unlock these codes. They are unlocked through vibrations, just as we have given in the past using the Panama Canal system (ChangingContext083114) as an analogy. Stage by stage, you move closer and closer with these locks, and the unlocking that moves you forward. When you meet the vibrational frequency [at each stage] it automatically unlocks these gateways. So what she (Eileen) was being shown is that first of all, once you move through these stages, these shifts, these vibrational attunements, ultimately you are setting sail on the Universal Sea, and you are free. You are free from the trappings of an old reality – a reality that is disappearing with each movement that you make in the direction of your ability to respond to these higher frequencies, for this is what unlocks the next stage, and the next gate. More understanding. More healing. More memories of who you truly are, and what you have to offer in human form, both on and with the Earth at this timing.

Sound of Gold Files: UnlockingCodes052018 (transcribed from audio file)

This massive acceleration project has affected me deeply. My overworked mind and body have been sending out alarms in the past week, and this morning I received the clear message of “time to simplify” my work. Perhaps many of you Light Workers will relate to what I am sharing. The time of trying to cover too many bases is over.

I’ve engaged both online and offline in various ways under the headers of UFOlogy, contact modalities, healing, Kundalini, ancient, indigenous, and mystical wisdom, etc. This felt normal and acceptable for a time, but considering the threshold of potentiality in which we now sit, I am shown that staying or remaining static or dogmatic within compartmentalized data could hinder the soul’s evolutionary need to rise above our attachment to linear systems now. What is that old saying? He couldn’t see the forest for the trees. In other words, relax, let go, hold all data lightly so new and more expansive information can arrive through feeling and resonance. It’s time to embrace these spherical, higher-vibrational energies that are present and available to transform all. In other words, we need to move with the energies, even if we can’t always explain everything within a known framework, or old comfort zone. If we get too invested in studying every linear detail of available data, we might miss the essence of the Universal resonance that calls to us.

Notice when and where you receive an abundance of energy and inspiration. Ride on these waves.

My best work happens when I return to the simplification of practicing and sharing the tools and maps that I was given via my own spiritual journey and teachings from within. I am infused with plenty of energy and inspiration when I share and facilitate in this form – both one-on-one or in groups. My mission and purpose are clear to me: Help people remember (feel-know) the magnificence of who they are and the power of what they are directly connected to through the universal language of resonance. Help them move the stagnant egoic fear or unconscious blocks around their own individual pathway to Original Source. Support them in their transition from old ideas of what it is to be a human on Earth, to remembering, realigning and reigniting every cell of their being to embrace their own Divine Human status. This lifts us all into the clear knowing of our own passion and purpose as we step over this threshold into our whole and Divine consciousness.

Lately, I’ve been observing many humans sinking more deeply into the minutia of analysis, building or even rebuilding stories and ideologies that will not necessarily help lift consciousness, but rather has the potential to keep us looping within the construct of left-brain or thought alone. In this way, our stance can remain polarized, and by its 3D dualistic nature could now demand the building of armies to defend. The embodiment of Truth requires no fighting or convincing. It’s clear and calm. It flows freely and is demonstrable.

I am told that I am among many on the planet like myself, who have had experiential contact for a lifetime or for many years. We are rising with the Earth. We naturally move into the path of the embodiment of the virtues of Wisdom, Courage, Justice, Faith, Forgiveness, Compassion, Gratitude, and Humility. We could not embody any of these qualities of the Divine unless we are humbly and repeatedly surrendering to this core Divine Presence in every stage of our lives. This paves the way for the many facets and gifts of the Higher Self to manifest here and now.

We are transforming our world from the inside out. Thank you to all who feel and embody this radiant Source energy now, and extend it into your everyday lives – whoever you are and wherever you are. We are definitely doing this together. This is real, and this is go-time.


IMG_4983Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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  1. Thank you Eileen. I resonate with flowing in the simplicity of being and allowing that knowingness of who we truly are to guide us..

  2. Dear Em, Thanks again for the reminder. Well written and explained. You are so great at what you do… Write, teach, and BE Truth. Maltiox Jun Ak’ab’al.


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