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Goddess Woman and eagles in Cosmic space.

The Mayan day today is Jun Tzi’kin – Perceiving the Spiritual Oneness from the Eagle’s view. Imagine the stillness, the pure presence and wholistic understanding that arrives in Eagle as she soars high above the Earth. Simultaneously, in any new present moment, she has the power and ability to initiate extremely focused awareness, zeroing in on the rabbit dashing through the field below. Eagle has the power to both attend to her family, and flow gracefully and buoyantly in the winds that carry her to new vistas of reality. Remember, the heavens do not disappear simply because we are focused on the mundane. It has never been either/or. Our consciousness was designed to perceive many layers of reality, to exist multidimensionally, and to also be fully present with what is actual in any given moment. It is an art. It is a dance. It is about trust. Allow the eagle to teach you about true oneness today, and about being who you truly are – whether you are flying through the heavens or moving through your everyday lives. She will demonstrate how to navigate many levels of reality, and still be rooted in the ever-present ground of our being.

This is an excerpt from a long transmission from the Mother and the Angels on December 26, 2007.

Any human who chooses to be real at this time, to be honest, to be actual, will feel Her presence, and may not name it Goddess or Divine Feminine. They may name it something else. The point being, you are attached to names and labels and definitions here because your consciousness is framed within language. There are limitations here if you are framing your reality within language [only]. Some of you do feel, and you do receive information through your knowing and your feeling capacities. And it is something that can [initially] feel somewhat foreign to you or unsupported in your reality – at least in your American culture and some of your more modern cultures. We are speaking of this… If you feel unsupported, you will avoid that which you cannot explain in language. You will not give it the attention or the welcoming that it deserves.

When you limit yourself to thought and to the intellect to organize and define you, then you are fragmenting your consciousness and you will not feel the fullness that you are capable of feeling as a [whole] human being on earth. It is as simple as that. So welcoming the capacities, reactivating these capacities of feeling and knowing that have been judged in your past, that have been ridiculed, criticized, and stifled in the past, these capacities are re-emerging within individual consciousness with the Divine Feminine and the presence of the Goddess frequency on Earth now. It will feel new to humans, but it is not new. Do you see? It isn’t that the Goddess is returning to save humanity. No one is coming to save humanity. But there is guidance. There is help. There is love… support for the transformation that is occurring in your world now.

Identity is at risk, the identity as you have known it and have known yourselves. Losing your identity now will serve you in greater and greater ways. Keeping up with the maintenance of what you have already created as your “self,” the definition of who you are, the energy that goes into maintaining that image drains you now more than ever. You cannot do this any longer. We speak to the channel directly and to any others who may feel that this wisdom is for them at this time as well. We always – even if the channel has a very personal question – we always respond on an individual and collective level for you are all connected. You are all moving through this change at this time as the cycles change. The cycles of creation are changing.  You will all be experiencing symptoms of this and you will describe them sometimes similarly, as another human being, and sometimes in a very different way. It is alright. You do not have to have matching descriptions of your symptoms. It is more important that you are speaking of your symptoms though, that you are saying them out loud and you are making it real.

It is all about being real now. For when you are being real, when you are speaking about what is actually happening, honestly, deeply from the core, from the deepest core of yourself that you can find, then you are healing. You are transforming. You are accelerating your transformation. It will be much easier, these changes, if you are conscious, than if you choose to keep these parts of yourself that resonate in fear… If you wish to keep them hidden, then these times may… We do not want to make absolute statements about individual experience. We are saying that it may be more painful the more that you hide your fear. For you will feel the pressure… the pressure of Love on the other side… the pressure of the Light pushing in. It will tap at first to give you notice that it is cleansing. It is cleansing the Earth. It is cleansing you. It is all one. Sound of Gold Files: Channel122607

IMG_4983Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial contact.

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