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The Divine Feminine. What Does it Have to do with Angels and ETs?

Motion by Lusius Malfoy-Datooaj

Occasionally I write articles on the platform of This article was posted today. My inspiration is to offer the feminine and evolutionary view of contact wherever possible. Featured image: Motion, by Lusius Malfoy-Datooaj

I have lived a life that many would find terrifying. It was filled with scary encounters with scary beings, and some were even human. All were catalytic. Today my life has its gorgeous moments of course, but in order to launch into my own hero’s journey decades ago, I needed a few good shoves. Eventually, a radical shift in perception was necessary in order to truly appreciate the magnificence of the Divine Feminine within. From my vantage point today, I am able to see that it was this inner movement that began to dissolve the unconscious quarry of debris. It had nearly buried Her alive. She was just left there, forgotten, like an ancient relic. Of course, we can imagine that she was once highly prized and purposeful at one time, but in today’s busy world, who can be bothered with these old stories? Even I would’ve never uncovered Her, and the absolute wonder of human consciousness, if they hadn’t kept shaking me awake.

It felt like I had a whole team of angels flying in and out of my life. Yes, even some of the ones that I used to think were scary. For those who don’t know me, I have referred to this as Evolutionary Contact. What I’ve learned is, some of us had pre-life intentions to receive a wake-up call at this crossroads in time. (Trust me, you don’t want to oversleep. They are sticklers for keeping their commitments.)

If the soul has a specific intent to be lucid in these times, a higher-vibrational presence, or even outer-world events such as loss, illness or accident, may arrive to interrupt our deep-sleep programming. If we don’t consciously choose to engage, an accelerated path into facing and transforming our greatest fears is seemingly chosen for us. I found that if we’re willing to respond to what the fear is saying, and we have the courage to keep leaning into it — seeing, welcoming, and healing these neglected pieces of ourselves — a conscious reunion with the Divine Light is certain, and with our multidimensional relations that vibrate here as well.

As far as ET-oriented events, many have speculated as to why humanity hasn’t been able to “meet” these beings face to face, as in the proverbial landing on the White House lawn. From my own lifetime of direct experience, and through the evolutionary arc of the terrifying to the numinous, I found that it’s because we have yet to fully meet ourselves.

In hindsight, I realize that for me it was never about the objects of paranormal or ET phenomenon “out there.” It was more like these inter-dimensional beings were saying, “Hey, don’t make this about us. We’re just here to remind you that the Truth, and everything you need, is within you. And by the way, it’s ‘go’ time.”

Photo by Jerry Cooper, Conscious Living and Dying Conference, April 2019, Pueblo, CO

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