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Step 1: Restoring the Divine Feminine

Some of us were born into a full-immersion, lifelong project of transformation. It was the path of reaching deeply into, and studying the core being of ourselves and humanity. We had to undergo our own radical transformations first, before this crossroads in time, and before we could vibrate on a level that we might be of the greatest support to others. We are simply guides. We knew that this was the only way to reach into and heal the deeper wounding of the feminine within ourselves, as well as within you. All of it was for the purpose of guiding humans into the restoration of their true and natural self.

I recall that beautiful Santa Fe day, a day that would mark the first-of-twenty ceremonies on the Sacred Mayan Fire Path. I was guided to walk with a teacher who appeared at one of my Friday night gigs at the La Posada Hotel. His name was, Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Maya Aj Q’ij (Counter of the Days). As I loaded the items I needed to take with me to my first sacred fire site, this beautiful cat being sat in the tall grass, and watched me go back and forth from the house to the car. She adopted me back then, in late 2001. Most people thought she was “just a cat,” but in actuality, Maya was my spiritual guide in form. This was a great honor and privilege that I cannot translate into words.

After coming through the recent (July 2nd) Solar Eclipse New Moon portal, more of mySelf became embodied. Initially it was disorienting and confusing, but I’ve learned to trust this process of integration. I’m familiar with the inexorable levels of surrender that must occur as we grow into More. Leading up to this time, I could feel that something was moving and changing within me that was manifesting on both a cosmic and cellular level. Then a week later, Maya left her physical body on July 8th, at 18 years of age. I had always known, deep within my being, that her physical departure would initiate the deepest of transformations for me, and the last and final phase of my spiritual work.

For years I have been apologizing to people for not having catchy ways to explain my spiritual work and process, and for my failure to meet the pressing demands of the linear mind. I would have to say, that it is because I have personally been the very process itself – a process of becoming, as well as building a path that will help me to demonstrate what I have come to know. I suppose it would be like a reporter pushing a microphone into the face of an emerging butterfly, and demanding a few catchy soundbites on spiritual transfiguration. The butterfly only knows the feeling experience of what she is emerging from, not how to drop it into a marketable human-interest story for the 6 o’clock news.

In order to grow into the wholeness of divine-human form, everyone must initiate their own dedicated spiritual-healing path. No one can do this for us. There are many guides here now, and we all have different ways of assisting. While some of it may resonate with previous types of spiritual work, most of these organically-grown bodies of work and service will not look or sound like any known spiritual framework from the past. At this crossroads, and in your deepest possible knowing, choose the path or guidance you are drawn to. Through the work of the frequency of Gold Light Intelligence, I am here to heal through vibrational frequency, and to encourage and support others in the deeper healing and weaving of the restored feminine will into this monumental, feet-on-the-Earth journey into wholeness.

The completion of humanity’s greatest spiritual metamorphosis is yet to come, and no matter our gender, it cannot come to fruition without transforming the wounded feminine into Her Divine Fullness once again. We must allow Her to move. She must be given the space to rise up now (Koyopa/Kundalini). And here, when she meets and receives the light of Spirit again, matter is transformed to its original and evolutionary high-vibratory state. Take your gaze and blame from the outer world, and go within. The world will not heal until we heal the deeper rift within ourselves.

While my beautiful Maya may not be in her cat form any longer, for me she continues to be a guide who radiates a beautiful Gold Light. And she is here, with me now, in a wholly new way.

In Lak’ech, Maya. Thank you for blessing me with your Presence, always.

Eileen is currently developing a September 2019, Gold-Light weekend workshop and a series of experiential Gold-Light Healing Circles in Southern Colorado with Mayan Priest, Eduardo Griego Gonzales. Please follow this blog, Facebook, or her newsletter to keep in touch.

Eileen is a lifetime experiencer, mystic, and songstress. After her many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness, and is here to help others access their own inner cosmic doorway too.

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