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The July 2nd Solar Eclipse Portal

Clear-weather simulation of the 2019 eclipse viewed from La Sill

Something absolutely huge is happening. I have been fully immersed in nighttime teachings, daytime downloads, and major synchronicities that are blowing my mind. The world is changing, we are changing. Whatever you give your energy to now – whether you are vibrating with love or fear – is what you will be magnetized into. Surrender, heal, release, pray. What do you want? Get very clear and vibrate yourself through the portal into your highest and greatest consciousness now.

Even if you don’t know astrology, just relax the mind and take in this video message about the energies of this portal opening marked by the Solar Eclipse, July 2nd, 2019. I’d never heard of Adrienne’s work before, but I googled a phrase that represents my feeling impression of the archetypal energies of this upcoming eclipse, and up popped Adrienne. I have been immersed in these energies for about the past week and a half. I’ve told a few friends that I’ll try to articulate the hugeness of what’s happening for me right now, when I am able. Meanwhile, I must be present with it all. Just to give you an idea of how big this is, I very rarely post anything about astrology or eclipses! It’s because I’ve noticed that astrology can be a language that helps me to express the energies I am actually feeling.

I cannot emphasize this enough, we are actively engaging with this portal or doorway right now. Some of you will know exactly what I am speaking of on a feeling level, and very much relate. Others who are primarily identifying with the past, and using only the “thinking” range of their consciousness, will see this as the same old “blah blah blah blah,” and that’s okay. Not all of us are in a resonant place to meet these new energies at this now moment. Don’t worry, you’ll have other opportunities this summer as we lead up to the huge 2020 transits. Simply pray that your meeting and ultimate integration with these higher frequencies is as benevolent as possible for you at this time. I shall pray for the same.

This is BIG. Get out your surfboards and ride these waves into a higher-octave reality. Understand, this doesn’t mean that you land in a fairytale land of unicorns and roses. It means that the old reality doesn’t trigger you to the same degree anymore. You become too busy and passionately immersed in remembering and balancing your greater being with the new Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Much love to you all.


Eileen is a lifetime experiencer, mystic, and songstress. After many Oneness experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness, and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too.

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