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Still Waking Up Here


I’ve been feeling a lot of compassion for myself lately, as I reflect back on this life. From the mountaintop of my fifth decade of existence, I’m well past the fantasies of, “What if my spiritual gifts had actually been seen and encouraged as a child? What might’ve been?” I get it. I frightened people. And if they weren’t frightened, it was probably because they had a comfortable category for me, “She’s such an odd little one, isn’t she?”

I did my best. And even though there appeared to be no mold for me slip into, I’m still waking up here.

This brings me to a similar place of compassion and understanding for others who are different. Seems for one reason or another we didn’t make the cut – Team (conditioned) Human wasn’t for us. So we carved out a life for ourselves… oh hell, who am I kidding? I didn’t carve out anything here. I’ve survived all these years (barely) by the Grace of my Creator and the whole host of angels who’ve guided me. All I can say is, my spirit helpers must be receiving many honorable medals and awards for their dedicated service. It just couldn’t have been easy for them.

Throughout my life, every single time I started to feel the pull of the quick-sand conditioning, and begin to strategically outline a plan to fit in here, they would come and “shake” me awake again.

It worked. I still don’t fit. But thanks to them, my courage to be me has increased tenfold. It seems the world may be in need of our gifts now.

Rise up, odd little ones. Our gift is to break the mold… simply by being who we are.


One of the many songs for the collective that came from this Divinely Feminine Presence. She is determined to break through. And She is.

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What’ll You Do   

What have I become to you?
Just a passing thought to nowhere
Yet we both keep waking up
Waking up here
You seem to know right where you’re going
As long as I stay in your dreams
But things have changed, I’m on the scene
What’ll you do with me?

My presence disturbs
As well as procures
A different kind of love you see
You gotta decide
Do I help or hinder your life?

What’ll you do (the heart)
What’ll you do (the heart)
What’ll you do (the heart speaks)
What’ll you do with me?

A stranger arrives at your door
She says it’s ‘new and improved’
But it’s not for sale
And not for your convenient use
She says I’m here to tell the truth
I’m here to fell your plastic tree of life
Just let me water your roots, dead or alive
Makes no difference to me
Try on these new eyes for size
How ’bout a pair of ears to hear
Remember love?
Remember harmony? (echo)
Remember the heart… speaks

by Eileen Meyer

Eileen is a lifetime experiencer, mystic, and songstress. After many Oneness experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness, and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too.

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