With Love, from the Divine Mother




Dear Humanity,

You have the greatest untapped power within you, waiting to be called upon. You have the Universe inside your womb.

With Love, from the Divine Mother





The ones who try to dumb you down
Are closing in for the prize
Open your eyes

There is no compassion for unborn children
Only the dark desire
To control this Gift
The one you’ve forgotten in the midst
Of slipping and falling into the rift

If you can find the Universe inside
Before they take claim
It’s game over
For those
Who tricked you
Into a false world
With a false god
And then convinced you
You had no worth

Find Her within
And call the Light forth
A human that is whole
Is a warrior
A spiritual force –
The very hands and heart
Of Source

Listen and know
Creator had something special in mind
You were designed
As Christ
To give birth –
To actualize
Your Divinity on Earth

~ Eileen Meyer, June 8, 2019
Divine Mother Poetry

Featured (top) image by Pablo Carlos Budassi
Pregnant Woman, Artist unknown


Eileen is a lifetime experiencer. As a result she remembers our connection to All, receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness, and is here to remind you.

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