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14bff-13maxybpielnwgkrjk5phcwI wanted to do a blog post today but ran out of time. Or did I? I decided to open my Sound of Gold files and do a random spin of the mouse over the 335 transmission files (as of this date). Here’s what I landed on. I was living in Hawaii at the time of this transmission (2007) – two years into this ongoing relationship and agreement with Spirit to record, transcribe and share. There was a bit of delay with the sharing part of it. According to this quote, it seems that even though I was the vessel for delivering this wisdom, I still needed to overcome the fear, attune to this greater way of being, and actualize it in my own world and community.

“Many people, at the first sight of something difficult or challenging or painful, run as fast as they can back into the familiar. And they say “No thank you, that’s not for me, I’ll just hang out here in the smallness. I’m fine, thank you. Please leave me alone.” That is all right. You have that free will to reside in whatever bandwidth of frequency you choose. But understand that your intention spoken here before this session, before any healing session in this way – either by this channel or others on the planet now – understand that this is an acceleration for those of you who have been practicing, being aware, taking responsibility for your lives, and the creation of what you choose.

The more of you that are attuned to this wholeness, the more you will be able to create community together and literally, actually change your world, rather than just speaking in the way that humans do of a dream – ‘I hope one day we will have peace, that we can live safely and comfortably, and everyone has food, and water, and a home.’ This is how you do it! It is up to you and your conscious choice to attune to Universal Love, to attune what is true about you versus what you have been conditioned to believe about yourselves. It is not to just remain in your imagination and your hopes and fantasies and wishes. If you want to change the world, and many of you are here to do this, to experience it in actuality, it must begin with you.” Sound of Gold Files: Attunement.080307

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