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Years ago this nonhuman intelligence would wake me up in the night with visions, or I’d translate these frequencies through writing (early translations), and then through my voice. Sometimes it would reach to me in my dream states with a certain neutral, yet pressing message, that there is so much going on behind the scenes in our governmental/ corporate institutions that most are unaware of. I am shown a “controlling” energy that has been working ever so slowly to keep human consciousness contained, not only in our current contracted state, but is also attempting to contract our consciousness and perceived freedoms even further. I did not pay much heed to this, because at the time, I had very little outer-world validation for the downloads. There were only a few people whom I’d shared these things with, and they would either laugh it off, or would become frozen in fear and say it was “too depressing” to even think about. Understandable. I never felt it as depressing though, as I was always being shown the way through – the loving-feeling-Divine Mother pathway to expansion for human consciousness.

I feel there is enough evidence in our outer world that there may be a certain kind of insidious global coup occurring. It is not new. It’s just that it’s picking up speed and becoming more visible now to those who are paying attention. I feel it may be deceptively “marketed” in the future as a rather grand or pretty package of ETs or angels coming to save us, and that we have to surrender our current “corrupt” governments in order to be “welcomed” into the great Galactic Hoo-Haw of saviors… or some other opposite form of deception that is carefully narrated and controlled by outer-world authority. This is why it’s critical to have our expanded eyes-that-see and ears-that-hear in these times. Otherwise, we are easily manipulated through our blinded states of fear that keep the egoic mind glued to the outer-world drama and story, instead of actually connecting with our Source Creator within.

Last night, I awoke to the Presence that arrived to remind me of this once again. This morning I did a search through the messages that I’ve had time to transcribe over the years. This one came up. This video has been up on my new YouTube Channel and on my Patreon site since October, and was shared with the Pueblo CO Communi-T Group months ago. However, it doesn’t appear that I’ve shared it here on the blog before.

I’ve pasted text excerpts from it below, of something that is quite repetitive throughout all of the messages: We have a greater, larger-cycle opening occurring now, which I address in my talks using the Mayan, Vedic, Astronomical (and more) calendrical indicators for this timing. I have been consistently pointed to humanity’s inner potential to fully awaken, or transcend this consensus-reality wheel. And it points to the biggest stumbling block we seem to have, thinking only (left-brain, linear, patriarchal) within a smaller spectrum of consciousness, instead of expanding into our whole brain, heart (inclusive of feminine-feeling) capacities.

At approximately 21:30: “[Divine Feminine Grace] …And there is definitely an adjustment in your bodies to this grand frequency of Love. You have been contracted for so long. You have been living and adapting to extreme limitation. This no longer needs to be so, as we have stated years and years ago in this way, that you are choosing now between continuing to contract… for that is what you will have to do. You will continue to contract if your orientation, if your compass is aligned with what you have been indoctrinated within. The other choice is for expansion, for full remembrance.

“…You may choose to continue to try and figure things out, but understand that you will be contracting further if you continue to only serve this aspect of your consciousness that keeps you connected to this reality. And this reality is currently being funneled into something much more limiting. And you do not have to go there. You may choose to remember who you are, by being willing to be innocent and honest about what you’re feeling right now. For this is the doorway… THIS is the doorway to your whole consciousness.”

If you are interested, here is the full audio-video of this transmission. Thanks for your willingness to feel, heal, and embody the Truth that sets us free.


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