Evolution of an Experiencer: Jean Henderson

JeanPhotoMy guest for this episode is Jean (or Jeanne) Henderson, who lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. We recorded our talk on May 6th, 2019. Jean is what I affectionately term, a Grandmother experiencer, not unlike myself. I do enjoy conversing with the ones who have lived many decades as an experiencer. To have made it this far in life under these circumstances is, in and of itself, a remarkable feat. Jean is an author and “Reality Upgrader,” and has a particular passion for networking and exploring the topic of rebuilding or regenerating our systems of education, money, social systems, and more. Over her lifetime of “fitting in,” and studying the existing ways we structure our lives, she has many inspirations to improve the way we do things here. (Thank goodness.) Simultaneously, she has a passion for being an encourager for her own grandchildren, an honorable mission indeed. Thank you Jean, I loved our conversation!

I’m extending invitations to other experiencers if they feel that it’s their time for truth telling. This is a platform where we can meet each other, right where we are, and not have to explain to the intellect in scientific or religious terms, but to simply speak – one experiencer to the other. You may use your name or remain anonymous.


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  1. Thanks Eileen and Jean! Eileen your opening message was just what I needed today! Bless you and we are making a difference one thought and feeling at a time. Robert

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