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Sound of Gold Files: InnerMaps.021019.Full

InnerMapsCropBelow is a full Sound of Gold Files message. Eleven days after the Pueblo conference where I spoke in April, I shared an excerpt of this with the Koyopa Meditation Group (love you guys). They requested, so I agreed that I would have it up on my Patreon site after my return to WA. My beloved patrons see and hear what I share first, or in some cases, exclusively. It is a way to receive an energy exchange for what I offer, as well as to offset the many costs associated with sharing this work online. I don’t think people realize how difficult it is in these beginning phases to survive in the world when we fully tell the truth. However, the more of us that are empowered to tell the truth, the more this will absolutely change our reality. I want to feel empowered with the love and resources that I need to continue speaking about what I’m learning. And this revolves around the evolution of consciousness via contact with nonhuman intelligence. For many of you, I want to be a voice-of-truth, but I’m really only here to inspire, until you find and broadcast your own. The guidance I receive is to primarily use the Internet as sign posts that point to meeting and sharing in-person, all over the world. This is where the energy exchange (not so much the words) can have the greatest catalytic impact on those who are ready to initiate a more conscious connection with the Source Field and Self.

Quote from message:
“…So we would say get used to working with frequency. Get used to working with energy, with subtleties, for your own inner maps await you, the maps that if you truly want love and peace and grace to reign in your reality, you will take responsibility for finding these maps and delivering yourself to this place. And in your own deliverance, you bring those who are witness to you, with you. Resonance. Begin with the resonance of Love within your own bodies, and then invite others through resonance. You do not need to know how to explain it in words, in the 3D language or languages. You must learn the language of Grace, the language of resonance in order to meet with your Creator, with the Universe, with all the beings that resonate with Love. And then you change the world, simply through energy. ”



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