A Prophetic Dream? Deception and DEWs

Those that know me, clearly understand that I am all about transcending this limiting world with feet securely rooted into the real world, Mother Earth. So why do I have occasional dreams of dire probable realities? I suppose it’s because I can then offer this view for consideration to those who follow my work. We are still in the choosing time at aztec.markersthis monumental crossroads in consciousness. This is the same intersection that many Indigenous peoples around the globe have pointed to, and name on their cosmic calendars as the great shift. It is reflected as well in our astronomical movement from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Clearly, there are no shortage of signs that point to the event horizon, where everything changes.

As much as we love to perceive ourselves as pure love and light, there is a darkness that can only exist in the chasm of our unseen, unacknowledged, and unhealed fears. Here it can easily creep in and take what we have collectively and unconsciously devalued by identifying with a projected image, instead of our very own soul essence. This is our Divine Power that rests within, in a treasure chest beneath the thick cover of lies that we both believed, and that we have consistently perpetuated throughout our lives. It is important to see the choice now between continuing to participate in this outer-world system of theatrics, or to have the courage in this now-moment to face our own hidden fears. These are the unconscious fears that have been blocking direct access to our Original Source Creator – a.k.a. the Truth that sets us free. As this Presence has always transmitted to me, “There is no judgement for how humanity chooses now. We simply offer you an empowering view and pathway. It’s all about vibration. Remember and restore.”

Upon awakening from my all-night, epic dream, I had to look up the definition of “Directed-Energy Weapons (DEWs).” I’d heard speculation about the testing and use of these weapons in the alternative media, but I do not emotionally react to these reports. I simply note. I offer the dream below, simply to consider the view I am sometimes given. Or… maybe this was all “just a dream.” In that case, ignore the rest.


Dream, 050219. The deployment of DEWs and deceptive tactics on civilians.

I found myself in a massive military-like bunker in the side of a mountain (fascinating that it looked just like the photo above). I noted that the walls that we were encased within were constructed of several feet of thick concrete. The air was tense and our future unknown. It felt like death could happen at any moment. At the same time that we were being told that we were safe here, the force that had taken hold of our governments and military were actively manipulating and testing the boundaries of our consciousness. In other words, fucking with our heads. I’ll skip over the ugly details of what they did to me, but essentially they killed a mother and child while framing me as the murderer. The devastating feeling was that the organizers made sure that the mother and child’s eyes were looking into mine, seeing me as their killer, before they fell to their deaths. I awoke with a start, which is rare for me, and I fully felt the pain of this in my solar plexus. I also felt the absolute delight of the manipulators in the relishing of this power over human consciousness.

When I fell back asleep after 2am, the epic dream continued. There were rumors of people in the bunker being randomly killed or made to be severely sick and wounded. Whatever was killing them remained “a mystery” to everyone within the bunker. While the dark captors knew first hand what was targeting and killing these humans, they pretended not to know, as it was their own technology. In public pronouncements they referred to it as a random invisible force that could not be detected or predicted. We were all vulnerable to the attacks. Overall, what was generated within this containment was a further dive into terror, mistrust of everyone around us, and a significant force employed to confuse and disempower.

At the end of the dream, I had walked to the big opening in the bunker to see out into the world. I watched how people around me were being singled out and attacked by the invisible “mystery” weapon. As I turned to walk back into the bowels of the bunker, I saw a woman in my periphery with an official badge hanging around her neck. In my mind’s eye, I was able to see her actions in slow motion. Essentially, she took out a device that had a flash of light and a powerful detrimental hit to my body and being. I shouted “NO!” and moved to confront her. I screamed out to anyone who would help me challenge this woman. We were all dressed like civilians, but one young man came to my side and asked me to explain what happened. I informed him that this woman targeted me with an energy weapon. He chuckled like I was one of those crazy ones who believed in this stuff. Meanwhile, I continued to stare the woman down with a huge bio-energy that came in to support me in this confrontation. She pulled out what looked like a silver pen with an LED light on the tip, “What, this little thing? It’s nothing.” She then took out a radiation detector and it popped crazily from the reading. She repeated, “See? It’s nothing. Just a little radiation from this blah-blah-blah device. These levels are imperceptible and benign to humans.” Again, the manipulative practice is not to hide or conceal, but to openly generate a quick and easy explanation or redirect for the mind. This way, it will stop the questioning, when in fact the given explanation did not address what actually occurred.

This is the same tactic being used right now in our world. It proves why we must be actively moving in the direction of “know thyself” to understand how this mental manipulation is highly effective on those who utilize only thought, concepts, and beliefs to inform their reality. The re-integration of the heart/emotional body offers far more balanced sight – the spectrum of our consciousness that was conditioned out of our lives. What I learned through my lifetime of contact, is that this can absolutely be restored.

Everything. Absolutely everything in this dream experience was misleading and deceptive. I was taken to the extreme view of these dark practices. Once again, this drives home the need for us to recall and restore the Divine super-power of who we really are. Otherwise, we become willing captives as we unknowingly surrender the last of our precious soul essence. Ironically, our fear trades it in for “protection from the unknown.” And if we had just had the courage to willingly step into the Great Unknown of Universal Love…

Wake up. Walk into the Great Unknown now. Remember and restore your Creator-given capacities, and live wholly. We are currently standing in this doorway, this cyclical opening to beyond-time, whereby we may surrender the pain, and restore the fullness of who we were designed to be. Don’t accept anything less.

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  1. That mountain fortress is real and only about 35 miles north of Pueblo. It is known as NORAD.

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