The seeds are sprouting

Green grass sprout grow on dry land,concept background
Each and every one of us has this Divine seed within, and it is easily accessible. Don’t allow anyone to tell you differently.

It took me 13 hours of travel time to get from Pueblo Colorado back to the Olympic Peninsula yesterday. I slept long and well last night, and this morning I awoke with a smile on my face. The people I met in Pueblo showed me that they will not allow the outer-world fear and darker voices to define them. They see. And they are acting on the Truth of who they are, right where they are. All that is needed to awaken the dormant seed within us is a willingness to feel again; along with a little light, a sense of rootedness in the Earth, a deeper inhalation of breath, and a welcome reconnection with the waters of life. With this, up sprouts the Divine Soul, ready and willing to restore our natural state and our beloved Mother Earth.

In Tikal. Mayan Maya Aj Q’ij (counter of the days), Eduardo Griego. The elements are represented in the sacred fire ceremony. The fire is for us to remember who we are.

As represented by the ancient wisdom of the Indigenous peoples’ ceremonies, with the return of the Divine Feminine at this timing and the integration of the four elements within, a whole human is born from the center of our being. And this is the being that will change the world.

This month, I was invited into two very special communities in Pueblo  the Southern Colorado Conference on Conscious Living and Dying, and also Mayan Priest, Eduardo Griego’s growing group, Communi-T. Eduardo was my teacher as I walked the Sacred Mayan Fire Path and initiated in Tikal, Guatemala in 2002. These two community groups joined forces and invited me to come and speak about what I am learning through my lifetime of being an experiencer, what Koyopa Rising is, the inspiring cosmic messages, and what all of this means for our evolution and awakening now. Something very real is happening within us. And I felt that you should know.

Thank you to Pueblo photographer, Jerry Cooper, for these event images!

Below is an excerpt from a 2013 Sound of Gold Files message. As one experiencer among many, I was being guided long before I fully understood the immensity of the plan:

“…your being, your energy, your heart, is being called into a new direction.

Let go and move on. Life is good. Feel this. Know this. Adapt to this. Leave the stories behind. Leave the characters behind that no longer serve you, that no longer serve heart, for heart lies at the core of your identity throughout the cosmos, the universe and universes. This is the direction that most of humanity will move forward into. Your lives will be far more relaxed and you will be far more supported for being who you are very soon. If you are not experiencing this, we encourage you to continue to check back in with where your attention is. Do you feel love or do you feel fear? Your experiences and your perceptions about self are based on this choice. Ask for help. Ask for clarity. Ask for all of what you feel that you want or need to support you on your journey. You no longer need to sell your soul in order to feel supported, do you see? Own your soul. Invite your soul to live the life and you will remember your fullness, your value in form on earth. Many, many, many throughout this universe are looking forward to watching you blossom, unfold, and remember who you are in form.” Sound of Gold Files: Crossroads.071713

Thank you for remembering, Pueblo. I will be seeing you again soon.


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6 thoughts on “The seeds are sprouting

  1. The message is so healing during these times of chaos and madness. Your Pueblo companions sounded like just what you needed now and what you can bring back to us here. The message is so clear. The journey so challenging to me to let go and become and stop so much doing.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, Vicki. I’m doing my best out there. Would love to offer this presentation locally. Let me know if you have any ideas as to where. Pt Townsend?

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