Pueblo is Rising

fullsizeoutput_a1eI write a quick note to you all, from Pueblo, Colorado. The 4/13 event (The Sound of Truth: Recalling our Power and Purpose) with Mayan Priest, Eduardo Griego, and the Southern Colorado Conscious Living and Dying Group was beyond wonderful. I have just changed my return flight home for the second time in order to accommodate the movement and interest here in the return to our original design, and the recalling of our natural state. Special shout out to all the experiencers that joined me for this event as well! Your voice at this crossroads in time is so very important. Together, humanity is remembering, evolving, and crossing the bridge into this higher-octave way of being.


I have had to postpone my recorded talks that were scheduled for the Evolution of an Experiencer Series on YouTube, and other Sound of Gold videos, but I will be sharing footage from the Pueblo event, and later, an interview by a lovely, intelligent, awake, young woman here in Pueblo, about Koyopa Meditation and more.

I just want to say, thank you Pueblo. Your kind and responsive hearts have touched me deeply.

Special thanks to organizer and overall lovely being, Marcia Beachy, and one of my newest Patreon members, Jerry Cooper, for taking these great photos at the event! And of course, my deepest appreciation to all of my Patreon members for helping me to inspire and empower the people. 

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