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Below is a recent full message that I’m making public on YouTube now. My inner senses are informing me that things are going to be changing in even bigger ways very soon. It’s important that we make the effort to build an anchoring within to navigate these times. If we’re waiting for something to make sense in the outer world, and for everything to become “normal” again, this will not be happening. For those who are feeling lucid, connected, and courageous, we are transforming from a deeply conditioned world and way of being, into an authentic one. These frequency messages have always been about how our IMG_4271individual and collective consciousness is being restored to its natural state, if we consciously choose this. And if we do… how to traverse this new territory.

I’ll be traveling to Colorado this week to speak about this, and to facilitate private sessions and groups. I hope to share this data with more people in the coming times – data that I’ve acquired through a lifetime of contact and downloads that transformed my view. Things they are a changing… fast.



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