Inner Maps

December 1995 Journal Entry. The cross indicated a universal crossroads and had no connection to organized religion. Seven years later, I was in Guatemala, learning about this same inner map or crossroads that the Maya pointed to in 2012 – our launch into a new world.

Below is a Sound of Gold Files excerpt, transcribed from a recorded transmission on January 20, 2019. I will be sharing more of what I’ve been taught in my lifetime via frequency downloads, next month in Southern Colorado. There can be many more felt dimensions of data that arrive in the presentation of these messages in an audio/visual format, and still far more understanding is possible via resonance, when we share same physical time/space.

It is understood that at this stage in humanity’s awakening that explanations are required, bridges with words and thought. This is not a natural resting place for universal energy. This is a reaching into a reality that has distributed its energies in ways that you could say are slowed down to review and to study the mechanics. And for many, this is a fascinating experience, to study what these frequencies slowed down look like, and how consciousness interacts with it. This is what you have been residing within.

This reality is not a punishment for you. It is not a prison. It is not any of this that you have heard from many different avenues that are based on perpetuating fear. This is a neutral experience for you prior to coming into these coordinates in reality, these intersections. So while you had the intention to be here and to explore this dimension with these parameters, there is other consciousness as well that has been inspired to test and to experiment with this reality, and with you too. And we have spoken of this before. There is no judgment here, this is simply what has occurred and what is occurring in this crossroads…

…You have an opportunity to realize these things about your reality, about your consciousness, the power of your own consciousness to deliver you to balance, to peace, to the Truth once again. For very simply put, your consciousness is easily manipulated when you are not accessing all of who you are. With the programming in place to keep you believing that you are less than what you are, it makes it somewhat more difficult.

…you must be able to feel now. You must be able to discern what is truth and what is not.

Be honest with yourselves, how many of you feel at this time that someone will come along and clear this mess up? That someone will correct this situation that you are in – politically, economically, and also in your religious institutions? Your schooling systems are bankrupt of soul as well. Surely some leader will come along and lead you. Right? No. This leader emerges from within you. Take responsibility. Take charge. You are all being asked to be the leaders that you are. The leaders of your own soul, your own grace, your own mission, what you intended to do and be at this crossroads. So we would say, get used to working with frequency. Get used to working with energy and with subtleties, for it’s here that your own inner maps await you…

Sound of Gold Files Excerpts: InnerMaps012019

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