This River – A Poem

I love you


I’m sorry that I tried to make you fit
Into what exists
You are more than I could ever bring
To story, song, or rendering
I fall to my knees
Every time the waters rise
And just when I think I will die
From drowning in the sweetness of you
You say, It is I!
Reborn in all that live
and move
And claim their right to be
This river of Life…
This Truth that sets them free

© 2019 Eileen Meyer




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4 thoughts on “This River – A Poem

  1. That was such a beautiful poem! I can almost hear a song you could write with it as lyrics. A Kundalini moment?

  2. Ahhhhh…Am smiling at this beauty, this poetry, this apology to the eternal…
    Thank you!

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