The Center of You


“…For even your great teachers have pointed you back to the center of you, and to your identification with your Source, or your God within. You will be understanding this to a greater degree as your time marches on in your reality from this three dimensional perspective. As we have stated many times in the past, in other transmissions of this nature, what you are seeing in your outer world, the collapse as you have referred to it, the dissolving away of what you thought was reality, the confusion that ensues, is directly related to humanity on an individual level rediscovering this truth within themselves. And whether it can be articulated or not, it is occurring. This changes your outer reality drastically, for you do not have as much of the deference to the material world and to the builders and the game players of this material world. There is a pulling back of the allegiance to a way of life that has always simply been taught to the new little humans arriving, that this is what the world is… this is what reality is.”

“…So, the point of delivering this message in this way, is to remind you that once again, consider where you receive your information, and ultimately, how you frame or make a decision about your reality; about who you are, about whether or not you can survive here, or what will happen next. Understand that the reorientation of your consciousness is something that needs to occur before any of this makes sense… so that you can see… with those eyes that see and the ears that hear.”

From Sound of Gold Files: Revolution.Quotes.081318. Transcribed from audio transmission.

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