As the Old World Crumbles: Engage

Ways to the Rainbow,

Below is an excerpt transcribed from an audio recording from almost 2 years ago. Sometimes this inner voice speaks to the experiencers / lightworkers, or those who “know who you are.” The message in its entirety will be published for members on my Patreon site. I established this subscription and donation method as a way of keeping food in my belly while I disseminate all that I’ve brought through, and continue to. I am meeting others like myself now that are doing the same, and in their own way. I honor their courage, as well as all of the spiritual pioneers who have come before us. We have not led easy lives to reach this larger-cycle crossroads in time. Currently, there isn’t time, nor are there resources to write another book, so this is my chosen platform for now. Over the past decade I’ve had to move even further into the fringe. Thanks to the kindness of friends, I have a temporary place to be.

The frequency data that I unpack is not about fighting with, or even “making do” in consensus reality; it’s about how to evolve beyond it.

Yes, love and light has a lot to do with this process, but far more important is our warrior capacity to call forth our courage; and to mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically step over this threshold into More. And these next steps may be the most challenging ones we’ve ever taken.

Start right where you are: align your words with your heart and regularly dialog, in all honesty and innocence, with the God-Source Creator power. You may call this prayer, but understand that the God-Source-Universe speaks in frequency, and it is frequency. I was shown that the more real and honest our spoken words are, the more it is resonantly “heard.” The point is, engage, with whatever form or persona this Source archetype manifests for you. You will be guided.  ~ Eileen

The confusion at this time is simply not having the infrastructure that you are accustomed to, to live your daily lives – as it appears in America, the crumbling and falling away.

And that is a reflection of what is occurring within many of you. The old patterns, the old maze, the old loops of what you became comfortable within and what you accepted as life, are too small for you now. There is a point when you realize that you can no longer put on the clothing of the past and have it feel good, and feel that it represents you.

There is a point in your growth where you step across the threshold in your nakedness and trust that you will be clothed with all that you need, with what represents the true you. Do not be afraid. The more that you are able to consciously see this, and understand this, and experience it, the more clear it will become. So the level of trust at this timing has been great. This is understood and this is appreciated.

You will now begin to find each other, to reflect to each other this new self and new reality. At the same time, there is a separation occurring for many of you whereby it was important to live the lives to support each other in the old structures, in the old ways. You did this the best you could, as you each individually moved through your own growth, and your own enlightenment and awakening. It may feel like separation, but truly there is no such thing. It is all unified. It is all one. It is simply at times a conflict in intention for this specific reality. So it is not personal. It is simply at this stage those who have been together – whether that be couple or groups, communities – if the intentions are not in alignment, not in harmony, there will be the separation. This may be temporary in some cases.

Everything depends on the individual and the crucible within in these times now. Meaning, it is based on the overall soul intention to awaken and to begin to live the life in Truth and Grace, and to live the life wholly. These decisions are being made now. And it is not between couples or groups to work this out. It is between your heart and the heart of Creator. This alignment, this awakening to this stream of Grace will determine the rest of your lives in physical form. It is all Love. There are no wrong choices or right. It is simply your willingness to give this the attention so that you may hear, feel, and be reminded of your original intent on Earth, and with Earth. Sound of Gold Files: UnknownPressingIn.Excerpt.061817


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