Sound of Gold Files: TruthToPower.022419, full message

A week ago I published a Sound of Gold Bite, a small excerpt taken from a much longer transmission. Below is the full message if you are interested. These messages are first published for members on my Patreon site, and later I sometimes make it public on YouTube and this blog. For this post, I’d like to also answer some questions that I’ve received from clients, in groups, and on the blog, about my process.

Are you channeling? How are these messages received? I was taught by the Inner Voice Intelligence how to do this back in ~ 2004/2005. (Prior to this I was capturing the messages as best I could by writing it out after emerging from a present-moment download.) I seem to have been prepared for this through the lifelong visits with nonhuman intelligence, as well as the random energy infusions up through my spine, and eventually the full Kundalini event. I consider all of these experiences to be shamanic deaths and rebirths that radically changed my consciousness. More and more I’m finding others like me who are in their own stages of integration and “coming out” with how they are changing and what they receive. After many years, I am still orienting to new energies and realities, as well as the social repercussions for speaking of it. It’s been made clear to me by the guiding intelligence that this expansion is not “special,” but rather, it is more indicative of a restoration of humanity’s natural, balanced state. Along with this, is an innate capacity to connect or commune with the Universal Field. Bottomline was, I wasn’t like other channels. I couldn’t even fit into a new age category! I began sharing this Inner Voice in groups in the Southwest from ~ 2006 to 2009. While the whole world was focused on an ending in 2012, these messages were always about how to roll with the consciousness changes – well beyond 2012. Again, not hugely popular. The Voice would not respond to consensus-reality based questions around money/love/career – It wanted to help us evolve beyond it.

Do I edit these messages? The audio that I sometimes edit out of these posted messages are personal-to-me references, my lengthy beginning dialog/prayer, deep breathing, and a prelude of a foreign-sounding language. It usually takes me about a half hour or so to fully attune to the frequencies, but occasionally it can occur very quickly. I usually cut out the non-word section that leads up to the message. Lately I’ve been leaving more of that in, but for the most part, the energy-packed breath and silent spaces don’t always translate in digital format for most people. Some have messaged me and said that it sounded like I was having sex, and that I was very very brave to share it (LoL). In modern culture, human sexuality mostly manifests as an extremely limited and distorted experience of what is possible. A few seconds of the Divine Currency running up your spine has a way of changing your perspective on these things. Well, everything, forever.

In the attunement process, my consciousness eventually arrives in an intersection or “zone.” I experience a marked feeling of an inner “unlocking.” The knowing data that streams through has not only been consistent since the first transmission in late 2004, but the “heads up” material about how our experience of reality would be changing during these now times (late twenty teens), has been spot on.  The magnetic energy guides and propels me forward, always with the strong guidance to continue recording these messages. “Don’t compare your work with others. Keep on. This work is a bridge to the new consciousness.”

I sometimes feel that many of these messages are biologically stored within, and that I was born with and/or they were downloaded into me during the numerous “visits” over my lifetime. I was simply taught how to access them.

While I have great respect for many of our truly gifted channels in the world, I have never accessed in the traditional way of mediumship or channeling. Even though this Voice sometimes refers to me as “the channel,” the guidance I unlocked about this process, was that I am accessing more via sound and resonance, and in many cases I am unpacking the “light” data that is already stored within me. I am informed that we all have these inner-wisdom treasures to unpack, like little suitcases with all the data we need before we land in the cosmic birthing center that propels us into More. Until then, this is why it’s so important to be actively engaged in healing, letting go of the past, and asking to know Source directly. This raises our frequency to resonantly meet the Universal Field in the present moment, whereby these messages can be opened and understood. The Sound-Light Intelligence has consistently pointed to this Inner Source over my lifetime. Now it simply asks that I point it out to you.

I do not channel “other.” I am informed that in this state I am accessing “The Field,” and I am communing with all that I am vibrationally attuned to… including my Greater SELF… the more of me. This is what our “cellular” phone plan shifts into when we engage with our multidimensional consciousness. It establishes a resonant connection to our wholeness, beyond this consensus reality.

There are no space stories, characters, or plot lines here. I have no existing platform of wisdom that I filter this data through. It’s pure energy that I stream and simultaneously translate within the limitations of my own vocabulary. As an experiencer, this is how “contact” has “evolved me” over time. Even back in the day when I desperately searched for UFOs in the sky because of the lucid dreams I was having, I was continuously pointed within, hearing, “Until human consciousness is balanced and restored, relying on your fragmented consciousness, and therefore anything projected through this lens onto the outer-world screen to inform you, will be partial or incomplete.”

When I do private Soul-Weaving sessions, I go through a similar process as above. I do this prior to the the actual session because it is very deep and focused. I pray first, stating the person’s name, location, and any particular concerns out loud. I’m asking to connect directly with their soul – the Greater Self that oversees the direction and evolution of this human experience – and I ask, “What do we need to know at this grand-cycle crossroads in timing? What are their gifts… expiring intentions vs. new intentions? Sometimes there is info about the state of mental, physical, or emotional health. Pictures with feelings and meaning begin to rapidly enter my third eye. Believe me, I’ve had to learn how to speak up to regulate this. Sometimes it’s too much, too fast. Energy healing can also be offered from this pure loving essence as well. The overall intent is to help the client shift course, if necessary, or to encourage the recent shifts they’ve already made, that will support them through this evolutionary transition. The whole process is very fluid. It has to be. It’s the soul. It’s the Mother. It’s feminine energy, and therefore more unstructured than we may be accustomed to. As a human point person, I give it the words and structure. In many cases, our newly arriving gifts will not have a convenient box and label. Mostly it is because they cannot be defined within the context of the known. It may look “like” something else here, but it needs to be given the space to be clothed in the new energies and reality we are entering into. Insisting on a 3D definition or clothing can limit your growth. Hold it all lightly so that it can assist you in crossing the bridge to higher-dimensional consciousness, where I promise you, everything will make far more sense.

The Intelligence says overall that this is the return of the Divine Feminine into our consciousness, and when integrated will heal/restore our whole consciousness and then of course, give birth to a new divine human and a balanced outer-world / Earth reality. This has nothing to do with gender. It’s simply the healing and restoration of the pieces of our consciousness that were pushed under during the patriarchal rule, that for centuries has valued only the masculine power and view. Remember, this is about the balance of the masculine and feminine within individual consciousness first, and then we’ll see the shift in values on the outer-world stage.

The energy delivers more than language. These are multidimensional transmissions that are best received via the heart. I sometimes suggest to people who are linearly oriented, to open themselves to other possible ways of receiving data. Ask to be shown other ways of knowing, other than words, even though this may not make sense to the conditioned mind. Utilizing only the language-based mind is a reduction from our God-given, feeling-knowing consciousness. The power to bring new understanding is in the energy between the words. Many times people report that these messages continue on in the dream state where they are further “taught” or guided in the watery world of the soul. This work is to introduce you to yourSELF or SOUL. You won’t need me, this Voice, or anyone else, once you acknowledge your own, and begin this evolutionary journey Home.

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