Sound of Gold Bite: Truth to Power

These are the messages from beyond consensus reality. Through contact, and my Koyopa (Kundalini) awakening, I broke through the barriers that seem to separate the smaller spectrum mind with the Universal. I don’t channel “other,” I’m blending and expanding into the greater spectrum of consciousness that I am… that we all are. And from here I translate frequency. Frequency is the language of the universe, and it’s accessed through our feeling nature. This is what all of the messages are about – remembering our original design, reintegrating it, transforming our consciousness, and transforming our world. I have been a student of these messages for 14 years now… and it’s Me teaching me. It’s the BIG “I” healing, guiding and transforming the little I. Self-directed, radical evolution is key in these times. Everything you need is within.

Thank you for receiving what I have to share. I invite you to freely share this with others. My deepest gratitude to those who are re-blogging this material.

The latest raw-file messages (in their entirety) can be found on my Patreon page. Eventually, they are made public on the above YouTube page: Translating Infinity/Sound of Gold Files and are blogged here.

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