How are you Navigating?

Have you noticed that some of us are being more real with each other now? Instead of “polite,” skirting-around-the-obvious type conversations, we’ll ask… “Seriously, how are you navigating this?”

“What is it that motivates? What is it that moves an individual? Is it the fear of what would happen if I don’t? Or is it through inspiration, through expansion, through joy? Each individual heart coming to this present moment attention to answer that question is how you navigate in these times to the truth of who you are. This is a simple explanation for how this is done. The actual practice of it is something that will look differently for each individual. Much of it will look similar, but you are not alike. You all have your own set of fears and your own inspirations, so how you navigate and what you come across through your navigations… [these] examples will sound and look different in your explanations. At the same time, what we are saying, is that it is vitally important that you do come together to discuss how you are navigating, for it keeps it in truth. It keeps it real, as you say, and it keeps you in the present moment more often than if you did not come together to share…”

This was the opening statement from the Sound of Gold Files message, Surrender070918, not included in audio clip below. 

An experiencer is someone who has been deeply touched and changed by a transformational energy that refuses to be contained within existing language and belief systems. And it screams inside every cell of my being, “Rise up, and meet me.”
~ Eileen Meyer

I would venture to guess that nearly all of us are experiencers in one form or another; it’s just that some of us are better at hiding or forgetting these things that don’t fit within the acceptable parameters of our programming here. In other words, some are better at “small talk.” I don’t know about you, but I was never any good at this programmed game, on any level. The visits happened way too often for me to pretend that they weren’t. And in these times, the ones who are unable to pretend anymore, do need to be “coming together to share.” This, they informed me, was how you will break the spell and change your world.

I am hopeful that other experiencers will continue to step forward and share what they are learning and discovering from their contact with this Presence. For some of us, it isn’t always easy to translate this communion of pure resonant energy, but we do our best. It seems my whole life was preparing me for this timing. I know other experiencers who feel similarly. I remain unattached to how you receive what I offer here. If it is resonant and helpful to you, I am content. If it is not, I am content. But regardless of what I am doing, please do have the courage now to find your own original Self within and share these gifts in your way. It is truly time.

Feel free to share.

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