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To the Experiencers: Radiate Who you Are

Journey Home by Rassouli

My last conscious meeting with the beings occurred on Thanksgiving Day, 2014. These are the ones I’ve known my entire life. Three days later a message came for you, the experiencers.

I was invited to Durango, Colorado for Thanksgiving Dinner. In the end, I was not able to partake with the rest of the feasting folk in the dining room downstairs. I lay in a big beautiful master bedroom above them, suffering the most excruciating migraine pain of my life. I have indeed suffered greatly with this affliction in the past, but this was a whole new level of unbearable. I could not have predicted what happened next. I was “abducted,” “taken,” “spirited away” from my 3D pain and shown many things – yet another transformational happening with my extended family. Yes, they call this contact. And they call people like me, a lifetime contactee or experiencer.

On this day, contact occurred as I became aware that I was talking out loud to “them” – a prayer-like activity that I’ve done in some form or another my entire life. I don’t “think” about doing it, it just occurs and my 3D mind suddenly becomes aware that I am doing it. This goes back to some of my very first memories as a child. So what I was saying, lying in that bed was, “I have experienced many wondrous things in this life. For that I am grateful. AND I am not willing to stay here any longer and suffer any more pain. I will not stay if there is nothing more for me to offer. I have no need to maintain an earth identity that does not fully and outwardly serve Love and Truth in greater and greater ways. It’s all or nothing now. Take this pain away, or take me away from this painful existence.” This was a continuous stream of totally honest, taking-a-stand-from-the-human-view feelings. I’ve never questioned this process. It’s just how we communicate.

Believe me, it’s been a difficult life, especially with the judgements. As long as I was wearing the mask of a straight-A student, a rock & roll singer chick, or even an office-manager or digital content creator, I was good… or the world was good with me. When I started “needing” to share the truth more, of what was beyond or bigger than these masks, well, that’s when family, friends and worldly opportunities would fall away.

So on that memorable Thanksgiving Day, the next thing I knew was that I was being lifted up, out, and above the house, still aware of the din of loud feasting below. There wasn’t any destination really. I just became ultra aware that I was in a loving, protective womb or cocoon. They were healing me, and showed me that I was in the beginning of my 3rd life in this form – and further outlined that there are distinct 26-year segments of lives for people like myself. In the way it was presented to me, in pictures and feelings, I could see how true this was. My first two 26-year segments were strikingly different. Through this communion with me, I experienced the instant understanding that a lot of us are living several lives in one body this time around. Long story short – and this is a long story with many dimensions – I had the knowing that everything would radically change again. My life would be very different from that moment forward. How could it not?

When I returned to the house, there appeared a very tall, thin, golden mantis being sitting on the side of my bed. It exuded that glorious sound and feeling of pure unconditional Love that I have known, and have been deeply comforted by, throughout my life.

This time was different though. This time we did not part. While I was frozen in the magnetic loving energy, the being leaned forward, wrapped what appeared and felt to be glorious giant wings around me, and completely merged into me.

Everything did change, and the migraines were gone.

Communion or translation was stronger and clearer from that moment on. I hear-feel-see the messages through a field of magnetic energy. The audio file below is this energy translated into language. Both before and after the message, you will hear me adjusting to the much higher frequencies of this field consciousness. Sometimes it takes a a few minutes for my physical body to adapt or blend with this super-expanded energy. The chasm I have to bridge depends on how far I’ve been living in the density, thus how far I must climb to rejoin it. The breath and sounds are a part of this adjustment. Coming out of it is sometimes “louder,” as I am held in this cocoon of high-vibrational energy for about 30 to 50 minutes at a time. When I enter, or when I am released, sometimes I cry, or more accurately, I weep. Many people who’ve listened to my messages have said, “Wow, it takes a lot of courage to share those sounds that you make.” No mention of the courage it takes to share my translation of cosmic consciousness! This fascinates me. Our own natural, ecstatic states have been shamed, and confined to the teeny-tiny distorted rivulets of conditioned human sexuality.

It’s been very difficult to make these things public because the last thing I want is for the attention to be on me. I’d rather you see what I am pointing to, within you. Even as a singer/performer, it was uncomfortable to be center stage. Yet it is not lost on me, in both scenarios I am connected to and translating what feels like the most beautiful music one could ever imagine. Therefore, I am unable and unwilling to say ‘no’ to that, no matter the level of ridicule for my inability to fit into the known world.

I share this publicly because this Presence keeps pulling me forward to do so. I am overjoyed if some of you find it encouraging or helpful. This Presence speaks to those who have had the experience of direct knowing-understanding in their 3D lives (experiencers), but may still be frozen and confused about how to rise above this dying world and proceed. And so how on 3D Earth is this done? There are some suggestions in this message – a message that came 3 days after this event. They say it’s time to radiate who you are. Does that make sense to you? It does to me.

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