Beyond Loops

An excerpt from a message brought through on January 29, 2017. It is about humanity’s evolutionary changes in consciousness occurring now and in the future; the shift, what the return of the divine feminine is in our consciousness, and more.

“We may join you in community and in creative projects, but in most cases, we are you. So it would be rather humorous for you to restore the feminine and your balance and begin practicing this fusion, this integration in your everyday lives… it would be humorous to need to go speak to a channel and ask them questions about your choices in life. You will have all that you need within your consciousness as you were designed. And for many it is difficult to imagine what that might feel like and look like. And that is all right, for you will discover this on your own and in communities if you choose.”

Sound of Gold Files: BeyondLoops.Excerpt.012917. One of over 300 audio files.

big t infinity and sound space of gold files

Eileen has just launched her Patreon page to invite patrons to support her soul mission – sharing her own, and many others’ art and works that were born from contact with nonhuman intelligence. Thank you for your support.

Eileen is an author, musical poet, intuitive, lifetime contactee and Kundalini experiencer. Photo on 12-25-18 at 3.21 PMShe prefers the Mayan word for the experience – Koyopa. It’s all the same Source – and when this Power rises within you, you will be changed forevermore. Eileen believes this is the evolutionary step that is KCW.front.coveroccurring for all – ready or not. Through her visions in OBEs, Koyopa, and contact with angelic light beings (Original Source Field), she has been shown that we are evolving, expanding, and reorienting to the Universal context now, and we have the power to choose how this will go. Eileen encourages us to meet this Greater Love within – consciously and benevolently. And they’ve given her a few tips and roadmaps for the journey.  

Resources for Experiencers, or those interested in the phenomenon: FREE, ACISTE, IANDS

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