How Do I Hide? – A Poem

red maskHow Do I Hide?
Let me count the ways…
Everyday I slip into a myriad of masks,
Picking and choosing in any given moment
The one that is perfect
For you,
My other,
The one that I believe
Or won’t
Digest the bigger me that I’ve become.

So I stuff my life and my face
Into a box,
And I agree to have more mass appeal –
Kind of like a Happy Meal.
You see,
If your mind has a place to put my face
Then I have given you
Something that is neither
Happy or healthy for anyone.

07e75-11ovdsi6_x3kkhzi-39juoq.jpegWhen I’m alone I grow
By leaps and bounds
So why would I be afraid to show
What I’ve awakened to?
In my private room I see
And I know beyond the
Shadowing of any doubt,
That I am as great as the stars
And as real
And purposeful
As the Earth Herself.

So I’m left to wonder
Whether you,
My other,
Are remembering the truth
In the privacy of your room?
What if we have all discovered the truth
In this laser-like focus of persona,
But in blind devotion to the past
And what has always been,
We find it easier to pretend,
To mask the light of the stars
And the power and purpose of
That Which We Are.

HeadHairBlowOne by one
We must come out
Of our tiny rooms,
Free from the mask
Free from the past.
Who among us
Will have courage
To don the naked face,
To demonstrate
With power and grace
That this human race
Is breaking from its past,
Breaking from the story that We are small
And separate pieces,
That today we can choose
To emerge to the truth

That we are one…

All of us knowing,
That the real story
Has only
Just begun.

Eileen Meyer  ©2012

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