Interview with an Experiencer – How Direct (Feeling) Experience Transforms Consciousness

Recently, I was interviewed by Joel Ayala Ayapana at Quantum Mindfulness Radio. We talked about the mystical experiences that changed my consciousness – through contact and bioenergetic episodes (Kundalini -Sanskrit)/Koyopa – Maya). I continue to speak and share whenever and wherever possible – not just about the book that tells my story, but about how these episodes ignite our evolutionary codes within and reengage our natural gifts and instincts – something that is absolutely critical in these times. The messages I continue to receive, through these new pathways in consciousness, speak to how this is done through our emotional healing and practice of the Presence. We are wired to evolve at this timing, and the Inner Intelligence I discovered is simply pointing to the treasure we all have within. The only way to transcend the madness of our outer world, is to dive deeply within our own consciousness. This is the restoration of the Divine Feminine; the restoration of Soul. And make no mistake, SHE is changing the game.  ~ Eileen

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