Meeting Your Maker – a Prediction from 2007

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Note from Eileen: In the Fall of 2007, I was invited via email from of a well-known channeling magazine to submit a piece for their upcoming annual December Predictions Issue for 2008. It was something that was requested from any channel who was a regular, or had been published in the magazine in the recent past. Ultimately, the submission below was rejected. I was never given a reason why, but I imagine that it just didn’t fit within the viewpoint of the decision maker(s).

In fact, my work has been consistently rejected by any established worldview – whether it’s been church or new age or science. Feminine wisdom resides in the spaces in-between. While there is form and structure in its translation to language, it is always delivering far more in the tones and sounds that live in the field or waves from Source. This cannot be fully translated to the spectrum of consciousness that most people think is reality or “all that is”.  ALL THAT IS must be directly felt. And when it is welcomed, it begins to unlock more of your natural design and the dormant potentiality for wholeness. This Guiding Presence always communicated that our integrated feeling nature is our direct connection to Source. Emotions are simply unhealed or dis-integrated feelings that are trapped and/or screaming to be seen and heard. Feelings and emotions should not be considered one and the same.

So while I perceived myself to be an anomaly in a sea of confident mediums and spiritual teachers, it served to transmute any last vestige of ego or pride on my part, as at the time I really had no one that mirrored and reinforced what I was bringing through. I had to 100% fully trust this felt Grace and Guidance. I’m grateful that I didn’t give up. If we awaken and consciously detach from the matrix, while wholly trusting the vibrational inner-compass within, things really do start to make more sense.

2008 Predictions Message. Recorded 10/15/07.
Gold Light Beings [Sound of Gold Files]

Predictions are a tricky thing, as you know. From which vantage point? From which world view are you projecting from to make your predictions? If you would like a prediction at this time from humanity’s current world view on a collective level, we will say that you must all prepare at this time to meet your Maker. Shocking, is it not? But it is true. You are all closing in on the timing that you will meet your Maker.

Up until this point, humans have been able to distract themselves, distance themselves, create and maintain a sense of functionality within your structured world; within your beliefs. It has been prophesied from your past indigenous peoples… (as well as from some individuals on your planet who have been given the capacity to envision the future based on that ‘now’ moment that they are projecting from) that in your 2012, and leading up to and beyond your 2012 calendar marker there will be a great shift.  [Note: Other messages recorded around this time referred to this shifting period as occurring,”well through the 20-teens”.]

Throughout history, many of you have met your Maker and stayed in form. This is the intention of about 94% of humans on your planet at this time – to allow the frequency of Creation to reconnect consciously with you in your lifetime. This is what “meeting your Maker” is – allowing your natural state, your natural form, to be consciously present and consciously active in your lives. Now whether you choose to meet your Maker in the usual “predictable” way, or if you choose to consciously meet your Maker, it is an exquisitely beautiful and graceful event.

You came to this planet to experience physicality in this way, and at this level of density. This generation – particularly the generations that will be alive on the planet in or around the 2012 marker – will experience the dropping away of the image of who you think you are and the image of what you think the world is, and you will be shown the truth of who you are and about your world. It may come sooner for some – this awareness, this understanding, these “a-has”. And it is not a great lengthy process that you have to progress through. At this timing, all that is required is simply your conscious request to become aware of your Maker while in form.

Now. Predictions. In these coming years, there will be a greater understanding of the feminine, and a reintegration of the feminine within your consciousness as a result. From this now viewpoint, as more and more of you open to the frequency of Creation, it will become conscious – collectively – that in the past you have chased your feminine, like a cat, up into the tree. Your feminine has been afraid and is stuck and hiding in the tree. Mother Earth will play a large role in helping you to remember this aspect of yourself, and to reconnect to what is natural – which has always included you, whether you were aware of it or not.

So you have gone about your lives, your busy busy lives, based upon the belief that you are masculinized beings, and because you do not feel whole, there is the resultant belief that there is not enough for all on your planet. So you build your businesses and you profit or lose. You have your men and your women competing in the marketplace for goods and services. Some will win; some will lose. You have your wars and you win or you lose. You have your competitive sports and you win or you lose. You have your possessions that many of you feel that you cannot live without, and you have your addictions. There will be increasing intensity and focus on the insanity in your world due to the fact that you have disconnected from the balance of the feminine.

When these feminine Waters of Life are flowing through you, there is no searching outside of yourselves to satisfy that yearning. There is no yearning. There is perhaps the inspiration to create, to grow, to live fully, where you know and have that inner understanding that you are whole; that you are complete. If there is something that you need to help you complete a project – create something, share something – it will be there. Also that peace, that bliss, will be naturally present – that bliss that so many drug addicts, as you say, must continue the cycle of ab-use in order to experience, in order to feel that… that something that heals them – even if it is temporary.

There is an innate memory within all of you of this Creation frequency that is naturally powerful, naturally intelligent, naturally sensitive and instinctual. When this is embraced and accepted as the identity of who you are, the kitty cat comes down from the tree and you are whole once again [embodiment]. And predictions coming from the state of wholeness? …well you answer that question. What do you want? Create it! In a state of wholeness, you are not disconnected from these life-affirming and informing Waters. When this is integrated, the predictions are quite easy from our view, and from your view. You will predict what will happen next, for you are no longer dis-integrated. You are no longer creating out of fear. You create from pure Love. And that is what Creation is, pure Love. You can create from fear. As you can see, this is what you are manifesting now – a collective creation from the foundation of fear and separation from Source. You do not need us to tell you that these predictions do not look rosy at this time if you continue with the idea that you are separate from Source!

Change your mind about who you are, and about the world you live in, and you will no longer be asking for predictions – no longer seeking predictions. Now many people will find that this is not as exciting a prediction as perhaps others, for it is entertaining for some to be told what will happen next. Soon there is no one to [accurately] tell you what will happen next, for you will either be here as an integrating whole person that already knows, or you will have moved on to other points of reference for more experiences and more growth. Now should you choose to take responsibility and to live wholly and fully on earth – connected to the earth at this time – you will discover the joy that was intended for humanity all along.  And you will show yourselves and the rest of the universe what you can do, what you can create benevolently. You have already shown the universe what you can collectively create from the place of fear and separation! All who look in on you from other universal perspectives are quite clear now about what happens when consciousness is split and there is a belief that you are separate from Love.

So again, our predictions for 2008 and beyond are, you are all on some level going to meet your Maker. It is your choice as to how this will look. Clear the way for Creation and show us what you can create! Predict for us – the angels and the guides – what you will do with this power, with this grace, with the integration of all of who you are. Does this sound too grand to manifest actually? Do not be surprised when you begin to feel the frequency of Creation tapping on your shoulder. It will demand healing. It will demand your attention. There are those in place now, at this time, who can assist you in moving through this transformation of consciousness. It need not be painful. It need not be difficult.

Do not resist this Love

and you will naturally remove yourself

from the current track of fear-based creation.

You will find yourself in a world founded on Love –

   Not the talk of Love.

Founded on power and strength –

   Not the talk and manipulation of power and strength,

But the full acceptance of Love, Power and Grace…

As your identity.

No more projecting outside of yourselves – the dark and the light, the winning and the losing. You decide what the future will look like for you, for you are in charge – completely in charge. You have our support and our guidance, as well as from many others in service to you.

Know that you are blessed to be here on the planet at this time. Good Day.


Eileen is an author, musical poet, oracle, Kundalini-experiencer. She prefers the Mayan word for the experience – Koyopa. It’s all the same Source – and when the Goddess rises within you, you will be changed forevermore. Eileen believes this is the evolutionary step that is occurring for all – ready or not. Through her visions in OBEs, Koyopa, and contact with angelic beings, she has been shown that we are evolving, expanding, and reorienting to the Universal context now, and we have the power to choose how this will go. Eileen encourages us to meet this Greater Love within – consciously and benevolently. And they’ve given her a few tips and roadmaps for the journey.

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