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Unlocking the Codes Within


Yesterday morning I received images and messages in my mind’s eye. It was about unlocking the encoded messages within. It revealed to me that what I bring through is actually encoded messages written within me (and within all of us), and it’s why I could never identify with channeling beings or entities with names and places that we assign meaning to from the past, or from the known world. Instead, we access more as we vibrationally attune to, and integrate, our own Greater Self via our practice of present-moment consciousness here. The messages have always emphasized a self-directed evolution.

When our vibration rises through a myriad of evolutionary or transformational events (i.e. NDEs, OBEs, contact, meditation, bioenergetic shifts, psychoactive plant medicines) and an ongoing practice of attention, more data is unlocked. Since this was a new revelation for me, I asked that this feeling-knowing message be switched over to a verbal transmission. A 30-minute message ensued. (I captured a very short excerpt of it and created a meme above.) These messages cover what is happening to us as we and our planet evolve, which translates to rediscovering the frequencies of our universal or whole selves, and the conscious way through the seeming paradoxes we are experiencing as we dance between two (or more) realities. My intent is to share all of these messages when I have the time and resources to do so.

Eileen is an author, musical poet, channel, Kundalini-experiencer. She prefers the Mayan word for the experience – Koyopa. It’s all the same Source – and when the Goddess rises within you, you will be changed forevermore. Eileen believes this is the evolutionary step that is occurring for all – ready or not. Through her visions in OBEs, Koyopa, and contact with angelic beings, she has been shown that we are evolving, expanding, and reorienting to the Universal context now, and we have the power to choose how this will go. Eileen encourages us to meet this Greater Love within – consciously and benevolently. And they’ve given her a few tips and roadmaps for the journey.

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