Transcending the Matrix

They call it the matrix, the construct, the prison. When I was speaking of these things over 25 years ago, I was told to shut the f*ck up and be grateful, “happy,” or wear whatever mask was in vogue at the time. Through my spiritual experiences, I saw all of it. But I had no voice. I’m grateful for these “popular” voices now – the ones who have a far greater reach than I.

I share this video because Joe Rogan is one of my favorite people in the media. From my view, he has a seeing-heart that is in the right place. I know that Joe has been taken beyond this limited reality via the shamanic path of ingesting psychotropic plants – just one way of remembering the truth. As a result, he sees very clearly what he is articulating here.

While I don’t use the word “escape,” my work is to help people navigate, “transcend,” and recall their true vibrational identity and natural design. Through this process, one self-directs their evolution and rises above and beyond this dense construct. If you need answers, don’t look to the world. Look within. And if you need inspiration and support, look to the ones who have been given the view through Love, Light, and ecstatic states of Oneness. Look to the ones who fell to the deepest, darkest places and not only lived through it, but have met and are integrating far more of themSelves as a result. Look to the ones who practice conscious, present-moment living amidst the outer-world chaos, and consistently demonstrate the love, trust, and integrity required in our evolutionary journey Home.

This is the proverbial fork in the road. Who is your Source? The Love that vibrates within your own heart, body and mind? Or is it the man-made world of false idols, stories, and laws? In any new moment, you may rise to meet your Divine Inheritance, as has been clearly articulated by all of our great spiritual teachers. Or, through fear, you may further surrender to the propaganda that you are nothing unless you work and consume – not to serve your families, communities, and the Earth, but to serve a system that has no capacity for understanding the whole human being. A whole being is one that was designed with pure Love, Infinite Soul, and a level of freedom that may seem distant, esoteric, or mystifying in our spiritually-atrophied state. Take it from those who have been consumed by the fires that burned away the lies, and have felt true body-mind-spirit freedom. From this vantage point we see that humanity has been programmed to settle for something far less than what is possible.  And there are many who are literally banking on you not waking up to your natural, full, and free state.

Are you depressed? Good. That means your soul is pressing in on you. It wants to meet you and remind you that you are not that – out there – so don’t keep making comparisons and trying to fit into it. This only leads to further insanity. Suicide doesn’t get you out of it either. You’ll keep returning to this wall in a new form, until you remember that you have the power to smash that illusionary barrier and be free from the weirdness that you were conditioned to believe is life. And then? You become a voice and a demonstrator to help guide others Here too.

Your real LIFE is waiting within. Meet it. It’s Home. And it’s your Soul – your very own superpower that wants to join you right where you are. Trust me, I was once confused, empty, angry, and bewildered like you. Through self-love, a bit of courage, and immense inspiration from the spiritual force of the God within, I woke up. I’m Here. And beyond any shadow of a doubt, I know the Truth that sets us free.


Eileen is an author, musical poet, channel, Kundalini-experiencer. She prefers the Mayan word for the experience – Koyopa. It’s all the same Source – and when the Goddess rises within you, you will be changed forevermore. Eileen believes this is the evolutionary step that is occurring for all – ready or not. Through her visions in OBEs, Koyopa, and contact with angelic beings, she has been shown that we are evolving, expanding, and reorienting to the Universal context now, and we have the power to choose how this will go. Eileen encourages us to meet this Greater Love within – consciously and benevolently. And they’ve given her a few tips and roadmaps for the journey.

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