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Flight Lessons with Archangel Michael

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I was blessed with a dream last night. It was in response to my earlier surrendering as I stood under the stars, whereby I asked for a guiding message about how I can best serve now. I do this often, so as never to make assumptions or create stories around purpose and persona. It is my job to stay present, listen, feel, and dance with the energy – which is the sweetest music I’ve ever known.

I can count on one hand how many times Archangel Michael has “dropped” in to deliver a teaching. I love that my dream version of Michael is ever-present and quite unassuming at the same time. John Travolta in the movie, “Michael,” best provides the feel of his presence to me. Most that know me understand that I don’t acquire story and teaching from what exists in the outer world. Rather, I share with those who want to recall, something that I was gifted with: how to go direct and access this Presence within – whether it comes in the form of Michael, or the total understanding that we may integrate the infinite angels that we are – right here, right now. This is the pivotal moment in our spiritual journey when we turn inward, rather than seeking our God, or the Grace of Angels “out there”.

I love that our Great Spiritual R(evolution) begins with a simple, unassuming dance with the Divine. The angels and emissaries have shown me so often throughout my life, that we carry the music and the Divine choreography of every dance move within. We may be inspired by the rhythm of others “out there,” but ultimately, the first physical step towards the dance of wholeness begins with us.

In the dream, Michael was teaching me about the immense potential that lies within the core of every human being. He then offered a demonstration on how to fly. Once he completed the manifestation of this inner-tech, he turned and playfully pointed to me  (almost exactly like the pointing-dance move in this video). At that precise moment, I felt my inner thrusters fire up in the area of my adrenals, solar plexus, pelvis, legs and feet. Once I felt this, it quickly ignited all levels of my being – from my physical form to profound levels of cosmic awareness. I was aware that a natural inner wisdom engaged, and I knew, without question, how to direct this rocket ship. I understood that Michael was referring to Kundalini (the Sanskrit term), or Koyopa (the K’iche’ Maya term). These were the rocket-like events in my own life that led me to Oneness, and rebooted my universal consciousness.

But it didn’t end there.

Once I was complete with my own exhilarating demonstration in the dream, I turned and pointed to another human being who had appeared there with us. Just as Michael had ignited the memories within me, I passed on the “memory” to them. And so it shall pass on to those who appear in their lives too. On and on it will go, until each and every one is restored. Then together we will take flight into a reality that represents the totality of our being.

Michael smiled and gave me a nod. “Yes,” his voice boomed within my heart, “this is a good service”. He then turned and walked away, as his playful form swayed to his own inner music, and eventually lifted off into the light.

Eileen is an author, musical poet, channel, Kundalini-experiencer. She prefers the Mayan word for the experience – Koyopa. It’s all the same Source – and when the Goddess rises within you, you will be changed forevermore. Eileen believes this is the evolutionary step that is occurring for all – ready or not. Through her visions in OBEs, Koyopa, and contact with angelic beings, she has been shown that we are evolving, expanding, and reorienting to the Universal context now, and we have the power to choose how this will go. Eileen encourages us to meet this Greater Love within – consciously and benevolently. And they’ve given her a few tips and roadmaps for the journey.

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