A Cosmic Perspective on Ritual

The following is an excerpt from a message recorded and transcribed eleven years ago, in 2007. It has always stuck with me. I know that ritual is very helpful to people, just as religion of all kinds is helpful to many – for structure, identity, and a sense of community and belonging. It seems we don’t question the repetitive nature of these practices, so when this came through with more of a cosmic view on the topic, it was memorable to me. It compares our shift now to a different kind of shift that occurred thousands of years ago.

Now your shift is the shift from sleeping (lack of light or a sense of separation) into a sense of awakening, a knowing of wholeness. Now in this time, before the onset of the darker time, people/humans were feeling the shift that was going to occur from wholeness and feeling alive and awake with spirit in form, to slipping into the un-knowing. Slipping into the forgetfulness. 

cochnostone.markersNow imagine what that might be like to know that the time is coming that you will feel dis-connected, and you have the understanding that this will occur over many many many centuries (in your terms now) of life on planet Earth. These humans had the larger view. They were connected to not only the Earth but the stars as well. They knew what you would be experiencing, therefore many construction projects ensued to assist you, to leave markers and symbols for you. They knew that that would be the language – the only language that would reach you. And this language will fully reach you and transmit its messages to you when you reconnect with the Earth.

Now, rituals began to be developed during these times due to the fact that it was known from the viewpoint of wholeness that the physical body must remain engaged in activity that is connected to Spirit… for in the forgetting there would be a sense of separation from soul to body. So these movements were designed to at least keep the physical body in memory of these truths, in memory of wholeness. Even though the mind may not aztec.markersunderstand, the movement of the body through the ritual, through the ceremony, would keep one feeling connected to the Earth from time to time, you see. Ritual was not performed constantly. It began to become spaced apart to be performed primarily during the solstice and equinox time periods. It became in sync with these seasons, these cycles, do you see, to feed the body with the remembrance of its connection to spirit and its connection to Earth – simultaneously. These rituals are of course still very useful to humans, and we must say at this time that your rituals will be changing. 

There is a component here that is returning, a component that is available to you – a part of yourself that wants to return and reengage through you. And that is Soul. It is the awakening – the coming of a time when ritual is no longer needed. Now humans may still receive great benefit and value from ceremony and ritual at this time, for what this does, is it assists those who have been very mentally focused and conditioned in their lives. It assists you in reconnecting with the Earth, indeed, and yet there is more required of you now. The rituals were designed to help you stay connected, to help you remember from time to time on your ceremony days that you were connected to something greater. The difference now is that this “something greater” is at your door. It is an actual presence of Soul on Earth. The work for you now is to have the courage to embrace this Love, to embrace this Soul, to embrace the rest of yourSelves on Earth. You may find that in your intention-setting to achieve this on Earth (which is why you are all here by the way because you wanted to experience this awakening of the fullness of who you are and all of your capacities), you will find that ritual ceremonies will trail off. There will not be so much of the need for ritual, for the body and soul will be joining. 

The ritual was designed to take the place of this sense of absence of the soul, to help the body feel that sense of Home with Earth as well as the stars while this component of human consciousness went into its sleep time. You are on the threshold of awakening now. What this means is that some of you will awaken more rapidly than others and there is no demanding schedule here for you. You will all accept the rest of yourselves in your own El Salvador Indigenous Ceremonytiming. You will experience life very differently from the moment in time that you say “yes” to this weaving of soul back into your physical body and your consciousness. This is what the awakening is. This is what wholeness is. At this point it would not be conducive to your spiritual growth to try and project and imagine what life will be like from this foundation of wholeness, for you are projecting from a fragmented state and you will therefore only see fragmented images of what wholeness is. 

So what is wholeness? Wholeness is an actual experience of Love in form. This means that you do not sit around the fire and talk about “it” anymore. You become”IT”. This may create a reaction within humans ranging from terror, to excitement and jubilation. Understand that you must make way for wholeness. You must make way within your own consciousness for the rest of yourselves to be present. And you know what this means! This means being honest about who you are and where you are right now. Being honest about what stands in the way of wholeness – between your consciousness, what you have been conditioned within, and what is possible for you, and what you are physically designed to be on Planet Earth. Many of you speak of evolution at this time. Yes it is evolution! But understand that you have been designed all along – physically – to embody soul. You have had the appropriate container to be what you were designed to be… and then some. There are no changes, truly, that need to take place in the physical body except for the clearing… clearing the way for the soul to be present. Your body knows how to blend with soul. It is designed for this. 

human.pyramid.stargateBody and soul are equal partners in this earth experience and we will share more about the beauty and the power that comes from this reconnection on earth at future gatherings. Many secrets – what you term to be secrets from your past, ancient wisdom –  will be uncovered and understood instantly, just from the blending of soul and body. The mind will reorient to this blending in good time. (Pause, and then intently) …Body, mind, soul is a powerful pyramid. Suddenly many of your mysteries on Planet Earth will no longer be mysterious! There will be many “aha’s” heard throughout the land, and you will not need channels, angels, or your revered spiritual teachers to inform you about the mysteries anymore. The solving of the mysteries are contained within you and this powerful alignment. 

These are exciting times for you. At the same time you are witnessing the crumbling, the deterioration of what you have created collectively in the past, and you stand at this threshold of re-creation – recreation of your selves and your world, in harmony with all of nature, in harmony with your 4 elements and 4 directions. Do you know that the connection to your stars, your communion with the stars, your understanding of other life forms and existence of other light beings in your universal reality… do you know that this understanding comes through the grounding of your feet on Planet Earth? Through oneness with Mother Earth? This is where your answers are. This is what unlocks the wisdom within you. Therefore we are present to help facilitate this for you, initially through the bridging of language and words in this way. We (and many others) are leading you to the well, and you have the choice to drink from the well or to remain in a conditioned state of separation from these Waters of Life, that if invited, will naturally flow through you again. We are also here to encourage, to support, to guide for as long as you need this support. We are present with you until that moment that you accept it for yourselves… and then we all throw a big party and celebrate! So do not be afraid during these times. There is a treasure within that awaits you, and this gold of your being is available at any “now” moment that you choose. Good day. 

Sound of Gold Files: Shift from Ritual to Embodiment 091307


Eileen is an author, musical poet, channel, Kundalini-experiencer. She prefers the Mayan word for the experience – Koyopa. It’s all the same – Source – and if the Goddess rises within you, you will be changed forevermore. Eileen believes this is the evolutionary step that is occurring for all – ready or not. Through her visions in OBEs, Koyopa, and contact with angelic beings, she has been shown that we are evolving, expanding, and reorienting to the Universal context now, and we have the power to choose how this will go. Eileen encourages us to meet this Greater Love within – consciously and benevolently. And they’ve given her a few tips and roadmaps for the journey.   KoyopaRising.com

7 thoughts on “A Cosmic Perspective on Ritual

  1. Beautiful Eileen! Yes! You are beautiful.


    As a person who has made a lifetime study of the ancient teachings of the Maya and other indigenous people, I can say that in my experience of the rituals that have been passed down through the ages for the last 1400 years, there is a hidden agenda to help us to keep remembering glimpses of ourselves. These ancient practices contain within them the sounds and drawings that connect us back to the center, within. Passed down to the children who would sit with their parents and grandparents near the fire and listen to the chanting of the songs and teachings, over and over again, until the secret information could not be forgotten.

    Yes, You are right and this message is very helpful to all of us who want to awaken and feel that something is happening within us….now.  We forgot who we are thousands of years ago, apparently, and now we are wanting to know our Real Selves again. Now, we can sense a calling to remember and for many of us, the rituals saved our minds and hearts so that we still had some sense of balance or sense of connection to the Earth and Stars.

    If you are one who still has your sanity and want to remember….???

    Escuse me, I just lost my train of thought because someone is shooting a semi-automatic firearm that sounds like an AR-15 close enough to my home that I am shocked!!!

    Where was I? Oh yeah…Some of us do want to return to our “true” Self and Remember our importance in the Universe and to our planet. I am so ready. I openly make my choice to receive all my true abilities and power. I choose Love and I forgive us all for what we have been complicit with. We allowed many terrible wars, and killings to happen in order for us to experience what hate is and separation can cause. It is over now and I am so pleased that I have read this message and others by you for they have given me a light in the darkness that kept me moving toward the truth. Please keep doing this important work for your time is now. I send you Love Eileen Meyer…


    Yo Soy! Eduardo Junlajuj B’atz

  2. Em, Is it okay if you read this as part of my next talk on May 9th?

    It is really well written and composed. Thank You!

    Love, e


  3. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and insights, Eduardo. You are one that would directly understand the transition from outer ritual to an inner awakening. You may absolutely share this message at your next talk. Thank you for asking. Sorry to hear that an AR-15 was going off nearby. Wow. That’s a shocker!

  4. So much “un-knowing” awaits me! Your essays/revelations/messages are beautifully crafted and a delight to contemplate. It seems so right! Your work is very important for more reasons than I can sensibly articulate.

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