Choose to Evolve


Until our busy lives are interrupted by a numinous experience of beauty, peace, and Grace, we’re looping inside what I see to be an intentional construct of limited consciousness. Once we experience this foundational shift into More, we have a feeling marker in our physical and emotional bodies that we can return to again and again – to re-mind ourselves of the infinite Truth that longs to ignite and flow through the center of our being. It is our greater identity. It is the numinous. It is the I AM. So to go beyond this containment, is to go within. We can fool ourselves into believing that this freedom can be accomplished inside the parameters of this fading construct, but it was never programmed to support our conscious evolution. We must consciously choose to evolve beyond it. How? It turns out that the Truth is vibration… and it does, in fact, set us free. ~ Eileen Meyer, Experiencer.

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